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    Howdy folks - our website is still primarily a placeholder until we get all tucked away with what GameComm has worked up for us. Thanks again for thier wonderful sponsorship of our community. We are now rolling with serious dedicated iron out of Chicago, IL, USA for all our game servers giving us wonderful flexability when it comes to kicking out new game types.

    Most of the action for our community is either in-game or on our forums. We also have a Twitter feed to spot announce any new things going on, allow you to know whats happening in case of a major server/forum crash, or just to be generally annoying. Fragfest, our yearly community get-together is on the way in Mid-July - click on the image to head over to the event website.

    Thanks for checking us out! Head on over to forums to get a better feel for us, or just keep reading for the cliffnotes version.

    -GC Board

    What is Gamerscoalition?
    Gamerscoalition (GC) is a group of online gamers that share the cost of quality game servers and see the value in becoming part of something that goes beyond an online alias and begins to become family. None of us are saints by any stretch of the imagination but you'd be surprised how good gaming can be when you kick out the idiots and profanity - that's us.

    Do I have to join GC to play on your servers?
    Nope - knock yourself out!

    So why should I join GC?
    People usually join GC because they enjoy playing on our servers and the community they attract. Paying members get reserves across all GC servers and seeing how our servers can be popular at times, folks like to make sure they have a seat at the table. Othertimes, people just want to help out and support what we are building here.

    So GC is a clan?
    Nope - more like a club - you can be a part of a separate gaming clan and a GC member as well.

    So what does membership get me?
    • Access to private GC-only forums.
    • Opportunities to become an Administrator(server/forum admin) or even a GC Board Member(decision making body).
    • Personal Google-powered email -
    • Access to private downloads for game downloads, updates, etc.
    • The opportunity to start your own game server under the GC banner
    • Knowing that you are helping to build something more than just a run-of-the-mill clan.
    Who's in GC right now?
    Ages 10-ish through 60-ish, mostly male, a few classy dames, many CS:S players, more than a few UT, WOW, etc. folks as well.

    How much does it cost to join GC?
    Nothing if you are just playing on our servers and hanging out in the forums. Supporting members get reserves and the other benefits mentioned above for $20/year.

    Can I get admin on the servers if I join?
    You need to be a regular paying GC member for awhile first. To also make your investment serious, becoming an admin bumps your annual dues to $40/year. It's more of an ownership, and frankly a little more risky than a reserve. All must be approved by the current admins before this is an option.

    Any GC playing competitively?
    Our UT2K4 ONS group is retired but there is an active CSS group on the CAL. You can make your own GC competitive team if you like or join any other clan for competitive purposes.

    Can I get kicked out of GC?
    Sure can, and we'll keep your money too. Don't bother joining if you're not willing to uphold standards that you are probably already aware of. If not, we'll have these posted somewhere for you to read before you make your big decision.

    Who runs GC?
    Each GC member has a vote to cast in major decisions, such as new servers, mods, settings, etc. All important decisions will be voted on. All coalition members are part-owners. In all situations, however, after taking into consideration the desires and direction of all GC members, the GC Board members will have the final say in any major decision.

    How do I join?
    Paypal $20 to or just check out the instructions in the forums. If you want to mail a money order or something, it'll cost ya an extra $5 pain-in-the-butt fee.


    We at GamersCoalition believe that:
    • Games are meant to be fun. When something is not fun, something needs to change.
    • You can enjoy gaming without cussing, putting people down, or riding on your own ego. In fact, the games are much more fun without these things.
    • Belonging to something still has merit. GC is looked at by many as an online family.
    • All members choose their own level of involvement.
    • While we can be a diverse group, we can still treat each other with respect.
    • All members have a role to play in the big picture.
    • We have a responsibility to hold each other accountable.