The guys mostly responsible for starting this thing. They're long retired now but stop in now and then. YerM0ther still handles the majority of our back end web server Linux work. He also gambles successfully.

  • Fatty
  • Mini_Me
  • yErMoTH3r

A motley assortment of people who keep things running. Generally assembled from the ranks of Server Admin.

Members that gave a lot to GC but are no longer around on a regular basis. Alumni status carries the same powers as Server Admin. Very few are bestowed this honor by the Board.

Server Admins have game server administrator status across *ALL* GC game servers regardless of which server they came up under. Be nice to them - they're just trying to keep things running smoothly.

Rust Admins

TF2 Admins

All the rest

  • EbilDustBunny
  • Fatty
  • Ice_Berge_00
  • mookie
  • mrX
  • yErMoTH3r