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Big Thanks

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    Joined April 2, 2008

I just wanted to send out a well-deserved thanks to Fatty, Mav, and everyone else who helped organize and put FF09 together. It was my first FF and it was great. I look forward to seeing everyone next year and I am sure I will see many of you online before that.

Also a wanted to give a shout out to those who made the vital food runs.


  • 324 posts      24 topics
    Joined April 19, 2007

Yeah, thanks also for making this year possible. Had a blast once again! I'm already excited for next year...hehe.


  • 4,180 posts      314 topics
    Joined November 7, 2004

Yes, thanks much to Fatty, Mav, Yermother, and the rest of the gang for another fun year!

It was nice to meet you Jibbajabba, great to see a new face this year, hopefully we will see a couple more next year. I may see you in the server, even though I havent played CS in a year...I do have a new computer to test out now, so I may have to pop in, lol.

The beatings shall continue until morale is improved


  • 1,683 posts      56 topics
    Joined January 26, 2005

It was great seeing all the familiar faces, as well as meeting some new people, even if I couldn't actually see Jibbajabba sitting behind my monitor. ;) Thanks for all the hard work the staff put in organizing this, and anyone else who helped with setup, tear down, and the vital food runs. Hope to see all of you next year, and hope many more join us in 2010. :peace:

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    L4D2 Mod Developer


Thanks everyone who attended, thanks to those who made the food runs, thanks to Clue for letting me use his computer the latter half of the weekend (Ted as well, thanks), and big thanks to everyone who made this weekend possible.

Couldn't have asked for a better weekend this year. It was great meeting everyone again and I hope I can come again next year.


  • 6,026 posts      662 topics
    Joined September 2, 2005

Many Thanks indeed to Fatty and the FFO staff!

I think this years T-Shirts are still on sale for $15. Anyone who missed out on getting one should grab 'em before they are gone! They look so cool.


  • 560 posts      25 topics
    Joined November 1, 2006

Pic of the shirt?

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