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Public Apology to Mercman

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I'm going to be honest here, I don't retain a lot of friends online. It's just not me to form weak relationships.  :puppy_dog_eyes:

I want to apologize for my outrageous behavior earlier today. I have sinned.

I don't know what came over me, but I did something really unacceptable.  :shock:

My friends mess around with Mercman for whatever reason. Maybe because he seems like he doesn't mind most of the time and they are friends with him.   :wub:

I thought it would be funny to use an alt account that I don't play on anymore and change my name and picture to Mercman's and post on my friends profile.  :lol:

I had no intentions of joining GC or acting like the real Mercman in-game, I don't even use that account to play on.  Also, my friends knew that I was the fake one by the language I used. I posted lyrics from Wiz Khalifa's song "Raw" as a joke on Dhun's profile.  :wiggle2:

We all know that Mercman is a gentleman in game, never cursing or using foul language. This is part of the joke, because we all know Mercman would never post such a message on someones profile.

My intentions were never to hurt anyone or even tarnish the name of Mercman, but just messing around with my friends to see their reactions. 

I have nothing against Mercman and I'm sorry that I offended him.  :wub2:


I have changed my steam profile picture and name on that alt account and have no intentions of using it again. 

I will never pretend to be Mercman again, no matter how difficult it may be.  :sad:


I beg you all to review this ban and consider giving me a 2nd chance.  o0o


I already miss GC, I miss the feeling the warmth of Mercman's moist smoker tongue around my torso, strangling me to death while my team doesn't look back.  :lol:


Thanks for taking the time to read this and I will respect your decision either way.  :)


-Thug aka sox aka Muddy Waters  B)






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    Unruly Sammich


Thanks for the apology.  None of us are immune to making mistakes or doing something in fun that take too far.  

I don't know if Merc has read this yet, but I when I told him you were sorry, he said the same thing, that we all do dumb things sometimes and asked me to unban you.

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hopefully no hard feeling thug


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I was really worried about how this situation would go. Good job keeping it civil guys. 

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