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The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. 

- Half Life 2

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Request for Appeal

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Dear fellow slayers of the zombie apocalypse.

I am here to request that my permanent ban be reevaluated. I realize that a consensus was reached and that I was deemed a "cheater". But I'm going to be brutally honest here.... I WASN'T CHEATING  :spin2:


Sorry just had to get that out. I understand that I may have handled the situation upon my ban incorrectly or inappropriately at times but I felt it was necessary to get my point across. I apologize if I caused issues or uproar with my posts and with trying to harm the admins reputation, but I felt that the situation was being dealt with unfairly. I understand you have your rules and/or precautions when it comes to matters such as this, but I would really like to bring it up again and ask that you review my ban once more. 


I know I may not be worthy, but I respectfully ask that I be allowed a second chance.  :puppy_dog_eyes:  I truly believe that if you review  the videos again you will see that I am innocent. 


I thank anyone who reads this and anticipate a decision about the matter. 


Thank you for your time and I hope to kill you all soon!  :p  :hihi:  :lol2:  :smileyb:  :stretch:  :spin2:

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Hey Deadlock - I really can't do anything about this - it'll be up to the BMs to assess - however, so others can't turn this into a drama - going to lock this until it's resolved.


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This is still being discussed

(Infected)Heroman758 : its probably abusment park
(Infected)Heroman758 : mother of god its swatfishy
(Infected)Ricky Roma : who is swatfishy
(Infected)Heroman758 : can we issue a formal declaration of surrender or something?
(Infected)Defiant : !whiteflag

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