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Re: Inappropiate Language

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Hey, I know I didn't curse or use harsh profanity; but if this is because of the way I overreacted before I left, then I apologize for being rude to you along with the others and for overreacting like that. 

I'm my own worst enemy. The only time I seem bitter is whenever something frustrating occurs in the GC server and since I play competitively. I'm in a pretty positive mood in general though, which is a shame since there's this assumption that I'm legitimately a bitter person

In this case, watching the other team survive for 15+ minutes but then being part of a weak team die within 5 minutes to a non-lit early scripted tank + having 2 weaker/newer players rush to the front and causing the team to die (despite being told to go back for cover) + dying less than 25% of the way of the chapter made me snap. I'm sorry for being rude to you, and for sounding so harsh. I wasn't comfortable with how I felt after saying those words, and I'm not proud of what I did. What I did back there was wrong. It was a terrible mistake on my part.

It's incredibly underwhelming for a team that has experienced players/members to just go down like that when I KNOW deep down that their overall ability is better than that. I wish the other team also took a bad beating like we did to compensate for our poor round, but that's not always going to happen (and it didn't).  I also wish I can take back the mean comments I said; but I can't now since it's too late. 

I really am sorry for being harsh to you, and for using that inappropriate language. I just wish there was a way for me to play GC and enjoy it without getting frustrated. I also wish there was a way for some to know when to stop pushing me when I really don't feel like being abused (whether it's being targeted on only in-game or being laughed at because of a mistake I've made). I really do enjoy playing on GC, especially on a fun night with multiple good/fun rounds. I actually did have one of those nice nights 2 nights ago. I just wish the game went a little differently for both sides than the way it did before I left.

I didn't even know that I was even ostracized until just recently. I was kinda hoping that others would know that my words were just blind frustration, and that they were never intended to be personal nor demeaning to yourselves as human beings. I don't hate any person that plays GC. That would be ridiculous of me. I'm sure that every single one of you guys that do play on here are cool and good people. My competitive edge though just dislikes the bad shenanigans that may be caused by them whether they occur directly or indirectly. I just hope that someway, somehow everyone on here will understand that I really do appreciate you guys for being able to keep the server running even when it's been on the empty side lately, and that my negativity is just blind temporary frustration caused by shenanigans in the game. I may get negative at times, but I'll get over it eventually. It just takes some time. It's only temporary. I do want to enjoy playing the GC server as much as you all do. 

I really am sorry that it came to this. What I said before I left was unneccesary and harsh. The right decision for me would've been to leave the game right away once the round ended, and pretend that none of those unfortunate shenanigans occurred during our round. 

Hopefully, I repay my debt that I owe to you guys by helping get a Cold Stream or Swamp Fever game started since we rarely play those campaigns on GC. I think those maps can be good for everyone. We can get this going this weekend so you guys can enjoy a new map for a change, and BELIEVE me, almost everyone on GC love the excitement of playing something different. I might be there to help in case admins are unable to set these maps up. We can keep doing this Swamp Fever/Cold Stream game each weekend that I suggested for the benefit of everyone that'll play those maps. It'd be nice to continue experiencing the fun with you guys, especially if the games/rounds are good and enjoyable. After what happened yesterday, I think it'd be better for all parties if I was muted in-game chat for good. I would only be able to type the normal commands from the !buy menu in-game, but I'd be unable to type anything else in-game chat because of the guilt I have over what happened yesterday. 

Overall, I apologize for being a jerk. What I said in there before I left the game perfectly describes my negative attitude and blind frustration. I dislike it too. It led to my downfall. Anyways, enjoy your day/night. 

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I've always liked you Carlos...I mean, I made you into a boss in my GC RPG even.


I really am sorry that it came to this. What I said before I left was unneccesary and harsh. The right decision for me would've been to leave the game right away once the round ended, and pretend that none of those unfortunate shenanigans occurred during our round.


Please keep that in mind when frustrations reach a tipping point.  The doors are open for you.


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Yes just have to remember, we only accept good sportsmanship on our servers.  When you get frustrated with teams, players or anything else, best thing to do is just leave and come back later.  


Thanks for apologizing.

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