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request to unbanned

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I just be banned in L4D2 server and I don't know why. I just got in the safe room first and wait others come. I mean I got rank of 80 in this server so I know what I am doing. I can prevent my teammates be pulled or other in the safe room so that I dont know why i was banned without any explanation. It might you do not like get in safe room alone but I think you should tell me before I was banned permanently. 


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Osprey was the banning admin.  He'll have to give his input on why you were banned.


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First off, sorry for the permabanned! That was unintended and I meant to administer a day only. I had given you 3 verbal warnings to come out of the safe room after you had charged ahead and closed the door while the rest of the team was on the top level fighting off a horde and picking up others and (correct me if I am wrong here, a tank I believe). I appreciate you coming on the forums and again I apologise that about the perma ban. I will message Jackie and ask him to amend it.


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osprey you can change the length of the ban yourself

just goto source bans and do it there


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i corrected the reason for the ban 

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