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2md BAFTA Award nominee

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2nd Nominee  - ok I don't get a prize - the prize is being a nominee - this is the 2nd for me - that is worthy of some talent I guess?


It appears that some people are being  disingenuous (brother and a very close friend) - they are both violent towards me for getting this award.


I don't know what their problem is - they have both spoilt this for me.


I was creating beauty or so I thought.


Life is Changing




not going to be online for long - take a listen

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Keep going, don't mind haters!

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I enjoyed it! Boo to the haters. Thanks for sharing! and congrats!!  :biggrinpimp:


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I love it Maestro, well done. Phuck the haters, keep your head up!


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I thought it was a good listen.

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