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I made a mistake, please unban me if possible

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I'm Alyssa's Secret. I was banned for "homophobia." It was an mistake. Maestro was speaking a language that he self-described as "gaeylic" (via mic), and I typed the word "gaylic," which I thought was the closest spelling that I could get on the word, without thinking too much into it. Then *** popped out and I realized that it was censored. I was surprised, however, that it was censored. I tried to explain to Maestro on the server and I apologized for typing it. I explained that it wasn't intentional. I was kicked for "homophobia." I logged back into the game and tried to tell Maestro that I didn't mean to be homophobic, while he accused me of having hatred. After that I said that I really wasn't being homophobic and I was gay (which, obviously, was censored out again). It was an misunderstanding event. Yes I am truly gay. I feel that Maestro misunderstood me and falsely accused me of being homophobic and being hateful towards gay people. The spelling was an accident. I absolutely regret spelling it that way and I'm very sorry and I apologize for the incident and for anyone who might have been offended during the event. It was a quick type without much thinking beyond. I had absolutely no intention whatsoever to bring up any topic about politics, homophobia, or hatred. I'm not lying and I'm gay. I just couldn't believe that I was accused as being hateful towards the group that I myself belong to. I'm really not kidding. If you need me to prove to you then please PM me.  

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I have reduced your ban to 1 week - you have 2 other bans on record -3rd ban is always perma - regardless of what you typed, I have screen shots of you swearing - you know this is not allowed - it will  be up to a a Board Member if they want to over-rule this decision - until then, you will have to be pleased that you are not perma-banned - just be careful in future.

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I'm going to go ahead and unban you as I believe you didn't mean any offense by what you said. Also, your last ban was 15 months ago so I assume there haven't been problems since, so I see no need to keep the ban in place longer.


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