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The right man in the wrong place can make all the difference in the world. 

- Half Life 2

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Banned and I know why

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Right so I joined a server right after the one I was in crashed,  nobody else was in the server so I said "Whats poppin raggots" with a total of two people.  I understand that they probably could've taken that personally since it just 3 people in a server.

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We dont allow cursing or name calling on our servers.  If you acknowledge understanding our rules and promise to follow them in the future, we can consider lifting the ban.

(Infected)Heroman758 : its probably abusment park
(Infected)Heroman758 : mother of god its swatfishy
(Infected)Ricky Roma : who is swatfishy
(Infected)Heroman758 : can we issue a formal declaration of surrender or something?
(Infected)Defiant : !whiteflag


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Good Morning  I was one of the people in the server at the time. 

You where saying crude remarks   You were warned  Then you say the   ****ot  word

It was not in anger so  I think it is ok to remove the ban. Ill let Peanut or San have the fimnal word

 Please read the MOTD if and when you play again\





edit There is a problem with your name in game ----->          " c**k"                     Unacceptable here  so you got to change it

You are unbanned as of now


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