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Congrats to Neptune Centari!

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Neptune had baby Toby on Feb 2nd, 6lbs 12oz. I've kept in contact with her and she said I could post the news for her for anyone who cared (squeeee! looney over here with baby fever, lol) She and baby Toby are doing well. I've been told he's tiny and perfect and she's tired and very happy. So be sure to congratulate her when you see her next, hopefully soon!

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Congrats, Neppy!! I’m glad to know that you’re happy and doing very well. I know you’ll raise him well.


Nice, baby too :D

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I know you’ll raise him well.


Toby will be drinking vodka, eating pizza and playing L4D2 in a few months http://img12.deviant...by_by_jinok.jpg


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Congrats Neptune, good to know you and the baby are doing well.


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"That's what."


PeanutButterNJelly, on 12 Jan 2015 - 2:57 PM Dixie is obviously a very smart person.


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