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Hello GC gamers

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Hello GC gaming community, hope u guys are good and safe in your life`s, sorry if my english is very bad. but i made this thread for a good cause for my parents and family.. 

Venezuela= 1 paradise, the city of god, the best sun, beautifull beach, big montains, warm weather, good peoples friendly, beautifull girls ETC. but we got 1 default; our president take it all to the ruins, peoples are going to DEAD. cause our medical assistence, our water, our meals, delinquency, corruption, hyperinflation, cost, price, job opportunity... and more.... 

Im crying when i see peoples looking into the trash for some eat. 
Figthing in the market to get some rice, cereals, milk, meet.. 
This is bad, its not recomended for no one. 
This is hard. but GOD with us

Well our GOD need to help us. i hope this poop END fast..

im going to say this: if someone can help to my family and me with 1 personal contribution we will be grateful.. family is family and we must help each of us. 

before i go to steal someone--- i prefer ask. 

Thanks for read. sorry if i perturb u guys. sorry for my bad english


Sorry if i was inactive and now just posted this thread for the big cause. Thanks GOD





There is my email addres is someone can help me: castrojoelmi25@gmail.com


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