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Cause one dog ain't enough and two is too low, it’s me, Three Dog!

- Fallout 3

San` and crasX rule!
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In Topic: This is hard for me

12 April 2017 - 12:36 AM

Been livin on the road since fragfest last year just ridin my motorcycle and tent campin. Cheaprvliving.com is a good place to get info and how to tips. Arizona is the place to go, so much blm land, national forest and just open desert to stay for free. Flagstaff in the summer parker, quartsite, yuma along with a visit to slab city(wide wonderful range of weird) in the winter. Good luck, safe travels.

In Topic: Refunds

12 July 2016 - 04:48 PM

mine can go to next year. Thanks to marvin and anyone else that helped put it togethor. i know mav bought a bunch of us food, i thank him for that. Planning something like that sucks, you know something will go wrong just cause it can and someone somewhere will moan it wasnt this or i could not do that. Now im off to a sundance festival, the UP of Michigan then to south dakota for sturgis then Further, w00t!

 i had a good time, 

thanks again

In Topic: Pizza Night

03 July 2016 - 06:12 PM

Mmmm pizza, nice


In Topic: Guitar Lessons

03 July 2016 - 06:09 PM

I have a question for joda.


ive taken a beginners class, learned and forgot the basic cords,then lost interest for a bit. Then i wanted to learn how to finger pick, so i learned and forgot  a couple times how to finger pick some basic scales. Just tryin to develop some basic fingering skills and lost interest again. so now im gonna be traveling and i want to start playin again. What are some good basic exercises i can do to just develop overall good playing techniques?

I have zero actual music knowledge(reading music and such) other than that 1 class its been me learnin from tabs and utube and anything other than a slow blues beat and i look like steve martin in  "the jerk"


any suggestions would be great


In Topic: Are you coming?

30 June 2016 - 09:44 AM

ROADTRIP             w00t