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  1. It has recently come to my attention that some of you - and I know who you are - have been really nasty with your remarks about Mercman in game : NOW GET THIS : 1 You know nothing of the situation - yes we all have trials and tribulations in life and most people who do not receive help have a more difficult time in dealing with issues - I'll admit that I was a bit of a basket a few years ago, but I forced myself to get the help required after several months of depression as I had to give up playing the piano for almost a year after a heart attack. I got through it. 2 Before you can even think or imagine Merc's situation (which is more devastating than you realise - and for those who don't know - with Merc's permission I can tell you this) ..... His partner after several years of a terminal illness recently passed away. 3 How dare you make judgements and assertions that you not know about. GC is about being a supportive community and helping everyone here - whether you like them or not, put up and shut up. THIS NOT A TRASH BASHING PLAYGROUND for your own amusement. Furthermore, those of you who recently bought membership, be warned - $15 per year is a very small price to pay to belong here. If you want to see your membership revoked - that's fine by me. Lastly, remember this - If you have no compassion, empathy or respect, then I will personally take responsibility and perma-ban without warning if I see or hear anything like this again. BTW, for the moment, now that you have been told and if you only joined GC to get a reserve slot and don't bother to come here and read updates etc - NOT OUR PROBLEM if you are permabanned. STOP THIS BLOODY NONSENSE NOW.
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  2. this is my buddy Jack, enjoying the sun while he can
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