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    Lookinng after a disabled mother who is high risk - this is the 5th month she can't go out, so I spent 4 days doing the garden for her, hence not been able to kill zombies much. Anyhow, here it is for you all to see.
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    Strip Mercman of his admin powers. He likes to watch me get attacked and not help, happens often, more than you think. I am very good and observant, he watches the infected get points off me, a troll player if you ask me. Carlos is one of the better GC players, no attitude, doesn't bother people, he does work. my opinion.
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    I've never done anything to Merc and I've treated him really good everytime I've come into the server. For the past few months he's being kicking me just for playing as the hunter class. And he's says countless times over the mic that i'm doing nothing in the back and i'm not a help to my team, when everyone can agree that I'm a good player and try my best for the team I play on. I don't troll, rush, or talk trash about how people play like Mercman does. I know better because I WAS ONCE AN ADMIN TOO. Which is also why it's extremely annoying because he's an admin and should know better... I'm attaching two twitch videos i happened to be streaming. One of them is was the event that happened with Meng and Carlos and the other is me being kicked for playing the hunter class. (mercman plays smoker class 95% of the time and rarely plays other classes). He calls Carlos out multiple times for his skill-level and calls him trash over the mic, says we are standing still (which we weren't). Meng mutes him after Merc calls Carlos trash and asks Merc to stop complaining otherwise he might as well be muted. Which everyone agreed it was very foul of Merc to be doing, and he's done this many times before to Carlos. He is a regular member who loves playing gc and plays team-based. We didn't like how he was talking trash to people and abusing his admin powers. There is then a kicking competition back and forth between the two, and eventually Merc perma bans Meng and also bans carlos for a week. It was to my knowledge admins shouldn't have the power to BAN other admins... This is very corrupt. Very corrupt and not setting a good example for this server. And there's been many complaints about Merc kicking people for no REAL reason when all of us have been members here for a while. Mercman needs to lose admin powers, it seems like every time we join there is an issue similar to this so we are finally speaking up. Unban Meng and unban Carlos. skip to 10:00 for intensity, but the entire video leads up to this point. Merc Kicks Me For Being Hunter
  4. 2 points
    Hey guys, I haven't played in a while but have been back on recently because I really missed playing l4d2 with everyone! With that being said, I really would like to play more often and be more involved with the community, one of the things that have been making it really hard for me to do this is not being able to invest in a better laptop or pc. Mine is about dead, I've had it since I've been in middle school and it runs below 35 fps. Honestly the only game I'm able to run on it from steam is l4d2, and barely lol. Because of my financial situation throughout the years I haven't been able to make this investment, but some of my gamer friends suggested I try out a go-fund-me to see if anyone wants to help out from the community, give it a read if possible and anything is helpful! I really want to start streaming on twitch! go-fund-me: gf.me/u/xsfvpw
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    Can we have a discussion about the current meta that is the rocket jockey. It seems to award way too many points for the skill level involved. Also, charger nerf still seemingly incredibly heavy handed in comparison I get that 1pt per hit was too much, but what is it now, seems way too low. Thoughts? Suggestions?
  6. 2 points
    thanks so much for playing on server 1. i'll check out those issues this weekend and work on resolving them. Server 1 is updated the newest sourcemod Server 2 is running the old version we have run for years A sourcemod update means upgrading plugins and hoping they work. In this case I needed up upgrade the backbone of the 10v10 system. This means things like team management, player defibs, witch attacks, essentially anything that involves the server targeting a player may have issues. I have a pretty good understanding of how this works, I just need time to fix it. Also appologies, I messed up the posts when I merged the relevant thread. From Limi:
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    Glad to be back <3
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    Do we really have to go back to basic RULES (101)? I have gone out of my way to help many of you get your membership sorted and this is how you repay not just me or the person you offend with racist, homophobic, intolerant language and attitude; it goes against everything this server tries to upheld - we are a tolerant community and if you can't be, then you're out of here. NO APOLOGIES WILL BE ACCEPTABLE (or 'I didn't mean it like that' 'I was only joking') Those are sorry excuses if you are perma-banned for racism, homophobia etc.
  9. 2 points
    I'm going to be uploading some videos on my youtube channel from the GC servers. If anyone wants to watch (warning, i am not the greatest player. and I type a lot lol)
  10. 2 points
    I'll give it a try I pick 23. I like GC for still being something I can come back to. I never committed to continually playing on a server until I found GC, now I keep L4D2 installed and around just so I can hop in for some versus whenever it fills. But a big part of what I like about GC has been the people I've met and the some of the greatest friends I've made within. The holidays make me feel cozy, that good ol' sweater weather, sitting under a blanket with some hot cocoa kind of cozy. Driving around looking at Christmas lights, and spending time with family, and admiring the decorations everywhere kind of cozy. And a Merry Christmas ya filthy animals <3
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    Hi all! Hope everyone is doing well and staying safe during these times.
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    I'm ok with the Charger nerf because it still causes massive damage to the survivor, even if you don't get many points for it. The jockey takes some skill. Not everyone can do it but I do find it easier than hunter pouncing.
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    I've been getting large ping spikes lately on the servers. I could be playing normal for one moment around 60 ping, but then instantly freeze the next moment with a sudden spike to 1000+ ping. There's been plenty of times where my game would freeze for 30+ seconds with 1000+ ping during a round before my ping finally falls back to under 100, and I'm back to playing normal temporarily. Plus, my game loads more slowly during the loading screen, and sometimes the rounds would have already started by the time I finally load in. I don't think the awful lag with the high ping spikes and the slow loading are coming from my end because my game was already running fine for YEARS now (for the most part) before any of these problems started happening 1.5 weeks ago; which is around the same time that server 1 started having even more issues. I'm not the only one who's been lagging badly too on the servers btw. Plus, server 1 keeps swapping scores 80% of the time each round too.
  14. 1 point
    Have you had a look at GeForce Now? - https://www.nvidia.com/en-us/geforce-now Might be a cheap way to hold you over until you can get a new machine. (If your machine can run GeForce Now anyway)
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    woah woah woah, we don't need to go off the deep end here. Turbo has been around for a long time and is a good dude. Point of ban was to get your attention. these are hard times and all that. I'm going to lift this ban, lets try to come together and have some fun clean gaming. I recognize you two may not get along but lets keep it chilllll
  16. 1 point
    !st time in a long time - server full of members - here's the proof (goat in spec and another crashed) but they did come back - at this rate we'll be having both servers full soon no doubt.
  17. 1 point
    Wow its been a very long time since I've been on the L4D2 servers regularly. Last year was a mess for me but I'm 17 now! I'll be the big ol 18 this year. I'm starting to feel old.
  18. 1 point
    Under careful discussion and consideration, it's been decided that mods will no longer be available to use on server 2 as of now.
  19. 1 point
    no context.....mind blown. You, sir, have raised this thread from the grave......necromancy is forbidden!
  20. 1 point
    Explain to me why you love GC and what the holidays make you feel like inside. This post was a lot more fun in my head when I was drinking last night, but I got distracted and forgot to post it. So winner by 12/25 (with the most like votes) will get 1yr GC membership subscription. There's quite a few of you who have let it lapse, get your crap together because I enjoy killing you, especially since I can hear your screams from the other side .
  21. 1 point
    Alright, I'll participate because I do like and respect you, Looney Plus, I do appreciate this fun idea of yours. I'll keep it simple. Let's see: - I like playing Left 4 Dead still (even in small doses) - I like playing on the GC servers with plenty of you folks - I like playing on the GC servers when there's a good portion of players - I like using the M16 and the AK-47 as my favorite assault rifles to use in the game - I like killing a lot of zombies - I like earning my headshots in the game - I like surviving with my team for a long period of time - I like killing the Special Infected in mid-air - I like buying the Death Check for the BENEFIT of the WHOLE team - I like spending most of the time playing as the Survivors for a game session - I like playing Dark Carnival, The Parish, The Sacrifice, Swamp Fever, Dead Center, Hard Rain, sometimes Crash Course, and sometimes No Mercy (ESPECIALLY the first 3 campaigns I mentioned) - I like earning multiple achievements in the game - I like using the Boomer and the Hunter as my favorite 2 Special Infected in the game - I like puking on multiple survivors as the Boomer without rocket spawning (aka "Vanilla Booming") - I like attempting to rocket spawn in unusual curves in the air as the Boomer too while also successfully blinding the survivors - I like earning my high pounces as the Hunter (preferably 20+ damage pounces) - I like playing hide-and-seek with some of you fun peeps in the safe room - I like streaming on Twitch while I play on the GC servers (but I still need help getting the audio to work) - I like playing with you folks around the weekend time - I like buying Witches when the server is mostly empty, when both teams have a decent/good number of bots, or when the other team is CLEARLY vulnerable and weak (to the point where buying anything more severe is unnecessary) - I like throwing rocks at the survivors and successfully hitting players with it Anyway, the holiday season makes me feel warm, comfortable, and happy since I spend more time with my family along with other folks I care about. Having more days off because the semester has finished is always nice. Plus, I can play on GC in peace around Christmas time knowing that there aren't any assignments that are due (or that I must remember to do). The number that I will pick as part of your challenge is 69. For the record, if I SOMEHOW manage to win this challenge, I would like to donate my newly won GC membership to Dr. Sunshine because I sincerely believe that she deserves it, and I do genuinely believe that she's earned it for YEARS now. With that being said, Happy Holidays you maniacs
  22. 1 point
    You got distracted by decision making - whether to fill your wine glass up or drink from the bottle instead so you don't have to wash up. I suppose admins aren't allowed; even if we were, people would start screaming fix if one of us won. Holidays make me crazy - so commercialised spawning Christmas adverts on TV in July, buying crap that no one wants or needs - might as well take your shopping and dump it straight away into a landfill. Then there's all that cooking to do - I got 14 people coming to eat me out of house and home again and get tinkleed - lucky I got a special recipe for the turkey stuffing. A hug and someone to talk to - that's all I want for my present from my dog.
  23. 1 point
    Hi all - just a heads up about the upcoming sales we're having. If you are going to start screaming at admins to 'do this and do that' with new people and expect us to kick them immediately - then you're mistaken - they have to be warned first, kicked, then banned if they repeat. Admins have enough to deal with as you are quite well aware - but if you start arguing with admins over decisions in game about such matters - expect a kick or ban yourself if you don't stop. Please welcome all new players - but if they DO NOT listen at all, treat them like a bot and you're welcome to leave them and they will be dealt with accordingly. People say this game is dying - no it's not - it's still here and so so is this server - it's still the best regardless - because we know that perma-banned players still try to get in. But why do they want to continually come back? It's because they know it's the best server ever for L4D2 - and they know it - so please don't join the 'Troll gang' and don't argue with admin decisions about warning, kicking or banning; otherwise you will find yourself in the same predicament. Thank You
  24. 1 point
    Hey Revenant - thanks for coming to the server - it's a pleasure when people do this - I will unban you right now - there you go. Please don't rush - you seem like a new guy who likes this server - if you get stuck or have any questions in game - there are quite a few spanish speakers here - just ask. Hope to see you back soon. If you like the server so much - to become a member - you get a few perks - $15 per year. cheaper than a coffee at starbucks hope to see you soon
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    Very useful info, thanks. The only gap is that as I'm new to the server, and not familiar with the order of the buy menu, I had to go in game mid-match to make note of the order so I could set up some binds. So I figured, why not add that bit of info here, and maybe help a future newb who finds themselves in my situation? Besides, I'll take any excuse to scribble up a colorful list. :3 Color coded: Main Menu > Sub Menu 1 > Sub Menu 2 Survivors: 1. Weapons Menu ~~~~~1. Secondary Weapons ~~~~~~~~~~~1. Pistol ~~~~~~~~~~~2. Desert Eagle ~~~~~~~~~~~3. Baseball Bat ~~~~~~~~~~~4. Crowbar ~~~~~~~~~~~5. Cricket Bat ~~~~~~~~~~~6. Fire Axe ~~~~~~~~~~~7. Katana ~~~~~2. Sniper Rifles ~~~~~~~~~~~1. Hunting Rifle ~~~~~~~~~~~2. Scout ~~~~~~~~~~~3. AWP ~~~~~~~~~~~4. Military Sniper ~~~~~3. Assault Rifles ~~~~~~~~~~~1. M16 (Assault Rifle) ~~~~~~~~~~~2. Scar (Desert Rifle) ~~~~~~~~~~~3. AK-47 ~~~~~~~~~~~4. SG552 ~~~~~~~~~~~5. M60 ~~~~~4. Shotguns ~~~~~~~~~~~1. Chrome Shotgun ~~~~~~~~~~~2. Pump Shotgun ~~~~~~~~~~~3. Auto Shotgun ~~~~~~~~~~~4. SPAS Shotgun ~~~~~5. Sub-Machine Guns ~~~~~~~~~~~1. SMG ~~~~~~~~~~~2. Silenced SMG ~~~~~~~~~~~3. MP5 ~~~~~6. Throwables ~~~~~~~~~~~1. Molotov ~~~~~~~~~~~2. Pipe Bomb ~~~~~~~~~~~3. Bile Jar 2. Upgrades Menu ~~~~~1. Laser Sights ~~~~~2. Explosive Ammo (Gun Only) ~~~~~3. Incendiary Ammo (Gun Only) ~~~~~4. Explosive Ammo Pack ~~~~~5. Incendiary Ammo Pack ~~~~~6. Ammo Refill 3. Health Menu ~~~~~1. First Aid Kit ~~~~~2. Defibrillator ~~~~~3. Pain Pills ~~~~~4. Adrenaline ~~~~~5. Full Heal ~~~~~6. Respawn on Corpse. 4. Misc. Menu ~~~~~1. Grenade Launcher ~~~~~2. Chainsaw ~~~~~3. Gnome Chompsky ~~~~~4. Cola bottles ~~~~~5. Gas Can ~~~~~6. Oxygen Tank ~~~~~7. Fireworks Crate ~~------Page 2------ ~~~~~1. Propane Tank Infected: 1. Full Heal 2. Suicide 3. Additional Boomer Slot 4. Additional Spitter Slot 5. Additional Smoker Slot 6. Additional Hunter Slot 7. Additional Charger Slot -----Page 2----- 1. Additional Jockey Slot 2. Tank 3. Witch 4. Horde 5. Ghost Yourself 6. Spawn Horde on Respawn Hopefully it helps someone, if not, hey at least it will look pretty sitting here. It could use just a dash of blue and maybe a bit of green though.... There! ~ Snow Fox (ninja kitty)