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  1. Super Mario World secret levels
  2. How old are you Heart? -edit- 16?
  3. I've tried reinstalling both CS and HL, no <3. I've tried both Direct3D and OpenGL, neither work. Rate doesn't affect it at all, tried 9999 and 25000 and everything in between. Mac suggested that it was something about power saving on my vid card since I was on a laptop? I really can't figure this junk out.
  4. This is so bizarre, but it makes me angry. If anyone can help me, would be much appreciated. My new laptop will not play CS correctly. Here's a few specs: 512mb Ram, Radeon 9000, pentium 4 1600mhz, Win XP, should run fine yes? Here's the symptoms: I have CS and the latest HL installed, and the CS loads fine. In game, it's very... selectively laggy? I will elaborate. I get 100 fps, and I see things happen in real time. However, all of my movements, typing, checking the score, etc... are extremely delayed, as in up to 3 seconds for it to register. I get 100 FPS, and this happens on every server I've played on so far. Is this a problem with my computer? CS? Video Card? I run things that have higher requirements than CS fine, like WC3 and such. It's unplayable at the moment, so any help would be appreciated.
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