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  1. DirtyBird

    FFO 2014 Data Usage

    I clearly need to start spamming the forums. My post count to join date ratio is not good.
  2. DirtyBird


    10:30!? Get an earlier start than that!
  3. DirtyBird

    Almost here! Updatering! Read on!

    CS Badge as well here please.
  4. DirtyBird

    Almost here! Updatering! Read on!

    Flitter, lets talk money when we get there - don't want anyone taking a ding, XT will kick in some more funds.
  5. DirtyBird

    FFO paid and confirmed list

    4. DirtyBird
  6. DirtyBird

    Who is coming?

    how many are you? Myself, GL, Shaft, Cujo, Discom, Mo, and maybe Black Ice
  7. DirtyBird

    Who is coming?

    The XT crew will be there!
  8. DirtyBird

    FFO 2014 Thoughts

    I'm in. BWH is fine, kinda' sucked to drive, but, worst case scenario if you're hammered...just chill out for a few hours and then drive back, the hall's not going anywhere. And it had good food options nearby.
  9. DirtyBird

    FFO2013 Pictures

    XT crew: Left to right: Shaft, Cujo, Black Ice, Discom, DirtyBird, GL
  10. DirtyBird

    FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

    I always play video games in the nude. Is this acceptable?
  11. DirtyBird

    FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

    Are you still in the Detroit area? Yup!
  12. DirtyBird

    FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

    I am attending this event. This is all you need to know to entice you.
  13. DirtyBird

    FFO 2013 Official Seat Chart

    Are you all gonna share 1 room? And who is cujo? We have a suite like the one in Hangover (or several hotel rooms) ;> and Cujo used to play a lot on GC and is xt. GL's lying. We're all sleeping in one room. In one bed.
  14. DirtyBird

    Barring anything changing drastically...

    Location A. Rules were made to be broken.
  15. DirtyBird

    Final FFO 2013 Dates Poll

    I can make the 18th through 21st, but not the 11th through 14th. Vote submitted!