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  1. # 44 "Knivesâ„¢" STEAM_0:1:614227 18:10 70 0 active kinves retaialted against Bobo..a team mate on italty at noon eastern on nov 1st Knivesâ„¢ killed BoBo with deagle. then as i mentioned his actions, he grew obnoxious and shot me.... not caring for the rules and manners of the server thank you... Toe
  2. [c0a]ToE

    Episode III is AMAZING

    just saw the final installment of the famed Star Wars Hextology, loved every minute of it, and i was interested to hear opinions of others To3
  3. [c0a]ToE

    we have found a witch may we burn her?

    "it's a fair cop"....meaning in British lingo, that " well, sounds fair to me"
  4. C'MON!!!! guys!!!!! someone please help me acquire that directory PLEASE!!!! K-wix!!!! i know you know where it is...plz!!!!!!
  5. [c0a]ToE


    the suspese is MURDER!!!!
  6. to tell you the truth...i thought it was HILARIOUS!...dumb boy had a speed hack in Train, and i made it my persona mission to hunt him down leading my shots and killed him 4 times....it was hysterically funny seeing pees trying to shoot at the air around him....i DO believe it would be a cool Mini-game to have 1 person on each team to have a speed hack, and be able to only use a knife...the other teams goal is to take him down....before the other...i had soo much fun being blinded y the fast dum-dum whille he was hacking and hunting his little hacker butt down
  7. hey dudes...Especially K-wix....you posted a directory with azumanga stills containing CS:tips ...EXTREMELY FUNNY!....i cannot access the directory...if you or anyone could help me access the cashe of hilarious pics, i'd appreciate it very much thank you
  8. I agree i love alivemetal...i play as a Ct all the time on the map, thinking i am a US marshall or somethin, gunslinging and pump shottie blasting varments in the OL WEST! To3....howdy partner!
  9. Got it now peeps.... i actually took acid's advice before even being able to read it on the forums....i snaged the new dust from another server that had the map DL feature enabled and then joined midwest stock....thanks everyone for your haelp and i'm glad i was able to help you pees realize maintenance was needed =] happy to help out the best servers on steam Toe
  10. hi peeps, Toe here just looking for the new map to download, ther server disconected me several times trying to dl the map while connecting . so i am left to dl it on my own i believe...can anyone assit me out there?
  11. ...that was so, so eloquently put...a tear rolled down my eye. bless you, bless you my child bothrops...you are a good soul
  12. # 4613 "Nichq" STEAM_0:1:6053376 44:03 127 0 active say # 4598 "$ilent $talkaâ„¢" STEAM_0:0:2552842 52:00 178 0 active blatenly cursing , bothrops, chamberlain and myself wwere witness to this i'm not saying to ban, but at least for an admin to come and wave their mighty iron fist around plz
  13. i suggest a Glass map for the Fun stuff....that should resolve anyone saying we need a fun map in the rotaiton...they are always hilariuos to see some one fall through an infinite pit of death