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  1. The lawyer/firm is for a big company (not an individual) if that makes any difference!
  2. Hi hi, Long time no speak etc... Just popping in quickly to see if anyone can recommend a good Employment Lawyer (or reputable firm) based in Cleveland Ohio. Lots of love, The retired bigbones.
  3. Whats up all, long time no see, but I thought I would pop by and ask a question about religion as I often do. I've kind of had this agreement with God, whereby I have told him that I don't think he exists, and that I don't think the concept of religion really works or is a good thing. But just in case he does exist, I'll try and live my life in a good way and not breach any of his fundamental moral values. But the question is: will I get into heaven by doing this? Do I have to have faith in God to get to heaven or is simply living my life in a plausible way enough? At the moment I'm viewing Christian life on earth as a test to get into heaven. if you are good you go, if not you go to hell. I obvously don't want to go to hell, so this is an important question to me. But maybe i'm looking at this from the wrong angle. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also, am i a bad person for laughing at people's misfortunes? for example if someone gets splashed by a bus i'll cry with laughter, and recently i actively watch formula 1 racing and snowboarding races in the hope that someone crashes (not dies). Is this a bad thing? i have limits to what misfortunes i laugh at, but my barriers are significantly lower than the general population. does this make me a bad person lol?
  4. just watched the replay, mayweather is something special indeed. the english commentators were so baised it was unbelievable. dont buy mayweathers cocky personality, he's an excellent fight promoter and uses his image to build up fights. in reality yeah he's arrogant, but hes also a nice guy, gives a lot to charity, thanks god for his victory etc.
  5. for me this is all about who performs on the night, but mayweather will probably come off on top. still supporting our tea drinking hero hatton though! what do you guys think?
  6. I dont understand why the catholic league are complaining about this film, from a neutral perspective i personally didn't think there were anything wrong with the books, the controversy only exists if you actually have the effort to look beyond the primary objective of the books, which are used to bring to life an amazing imaginary world with a decent story. Both adults and children have the common sense to realise this is a totally seperate world from the one we are in, so why are the catholic league saying this undermines religion? Further more, I dont understand the effects of this 'campaign' - if one has faith in religion then a lousy film shouldn't undermine the faith. If it does undermine their faith, then they probably dont have faith in the first place, so its not a problem. For me personally, a religion is a weak religion if it will not allow others to come and express their views. Faith is only faith if it can withstand the challenge of pursuasion and ignore all doubt. By boycotting a film, are the catholic league actually helping catholics, or using this boycott as their own stealth campaign to stop children from becoming athiests? Or is this sometype of hatred campaign against athiests, boycotting the film because an athiest made it. Whats the difference between doing this, and boycotting a film made by a black man, simply because he is black and the film encourages black rights? This just all sounds like stupid politics to me, but I dont understand it because I dont live in America and dont understand American culture. Everyone should boycott the catholic league by watching the film, reading the books, and buying the t-shirts!
  7. I'm just wondering if you guys have the same prices over there as I do here, heres a few examples: cod4 - $69.95 bioshock - $54.85 painkiller overdose - $39.95 Orange box - $49.95 I ask this because valve must be losing a lot of money as the dollar is so weak at the moment, why arnt they building up supplies of other currencies? even a super model has stopped accepting payment in dollars, and besides, i'd rather see game prices in pounds if im buying it in england. if you guys have the same prices im a happy man. P.S. anyone thinking cod4 is well over priced?
  8. Has anyone got any advice for making my left arm stronger? The right side of my body has always been much stronger than my left side, and has far more control. From a young age I've always played football with my right foot, wrote with my right arm, played cricket, tennis, bowling, badminton etc with my right arm, so its had 20years of getting stronger than my left arm. Also, when I used to do press-ups every night is a teenager, I tended to use my right arm more than my left arm. So how should I go about correcting this, so far I've tried doing a few more reps with my left arm, and concentrating on free weights where each arm has its own individual weight, but I can't tell the difference. I've been doing it for about 6 months. Anyone else have this problem?
  9. Yes if anyone wants my free copy as well then please let me know! e-mail ste_bowman1987@hotmail.com
  10. i got a brand new football when i was 10 years old, took it down to the park, then some dog came along, bit the ball and ran off with it. I cried and the owner did nothing! i'd call the police, you got assaulted by a dangerous animal.
  11. very nice, i bought a t-shirt with your doodle on
  12. Ok, it was working fine last night, but now every time I join a new server it goes back to the old problem. So if i start up my computer, go into 1 server its fine. If i try and join another, it will have the problem. So at the moment I have to restart my whole computer if i want to change server. This is getting stranger by the minute. I've reinstalled the razer drivers again but it didnt help. What on earth is wrong? edit - also, i dont know if this is related, but when i set my push to talk key in ventrillo, f9 keeps setting itself as the push to talk button :S what does f9 do?
  13. Now that I have posted the conditions of the topic title have been met
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