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    Duluth, MN
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    basketball, css, business, css, F1, css, eh other pc games, css, well i'm not really that addicted, seriously.

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  1. Updates are good. I didn't notice worse registration or anything. Actually, because of update more people play because they like to unlock achievements mostly. That said, it's hard to play when stats on the server don't work. Playing kind of defeats the purpose then for many. I've noticed that traffic on server decreased dramatically past few weeks probably because of it (has nothing to do with me not playing while on vacation ). Please fix the stats if possible.
  2. Even though I have never met him personally or had a chance to get to know him online in a clan/vent/whatever it hits me and makes me sad that this has happened. Rest in Peace, wayf!
  3. Vovik


    Alrite, alrite, alrite...I was just mainly concerned about other regulars not liking me. I had to sleep on it. I just wanted an excuse to stop playing CS i guess...better luck next time, eh? I'll be back soon
  4. Vovik


    Very sad what happened to this community. I used to be a member too. Can't believe it how things change. So, I was playing as usual just now minding my own business. Actually started the server from 0 players earlier shooting around with jehoshaphat. Everything was fine. Then, some guy named Blue Cheese comes in and just randomly shoots me on inferno. Tells me to watch my radar, I'm like whatever...didn't bother me to get purposely tk'd once... de_losttemple_pro - he and his buddy G13 team up and then just the whole map long were calling me a 'rag' and a 'cheater'...whatever didn't bother me cause they're on the other team. Even though in good ol' days an admin would be all over this and at least kick dudes for foul language like that. Was pointless for me to do it cause it would make them do it even more. de_aztec. Blue Cheese joins my team (Terrorists) and the first round as we're rushing the bridge knifes me. And then asking me 'what?' like nothing happened. I ask if there's any admins on in chat, admin chat...nothing. Blue Cheese keeps flashing the whole team every round...noone seems to notice. Knifes me again (we're still both Terrorists). I ask for admins again...nothing. Now, G13 who I had previously hasn't really addressed starts to mock as to 'poor baby', 'aawwww' to me. I reply with, something along the line of what do you have to do with it? Anyway, next round they both change their names to 'kill vovik' and start harrasing me more. Fine there are no admins, noone else in the game (by that time there were at least 12 people on the server) cares to do anything about the situation, BUT THEN amertrash, who's a big regular on the server and i don't know maybe even an admin tells me: "amertrash : vovik: a) I hate your face I can't find any admins right now, sorry. If this community is home to people like this and nothing is happening to promote good gameplay and ridding of foul people I don't need to be a part of it any longer. I really have nothing else to say about this but that was the last time I played on these servers. Peace to everyone who I had fun playing with. (TO ADMIN) vovik: # 48 "Blue Cheese" STEAM_0:0:26677263 30:20 60 0 active Type 'rules' to see server rules. [bTTW]The Jibbajabba.gc @ Double Doors (RADIO): Fire in the hole! [bTTW]The Jibbajabba.gc attacked a teammate lostorious @ Double Doors (RADIO): Fire in the hole! (TO ADMIN) vovik: anyone on at all ever? amertrash : Ran up to get that gun only to notice its an m3 ko# : the majority of my kills are from one nade vovik : someone get an admin? amertrash : for what? Beowulf : is barashin an admin? G13* : awww poor baby vovik : for blue cheese Ventrilo: vent.gcftw.com:23447 password: burrito! Josh : yeah i think so vovik : ban him please ko# : yeah cheese needs a time out G13* : ban vovik amertrash : jibba is an admin amertrash : isn't he? vovik : what your problem g13? [bTTW]The Jibbajabba.gc : no i am not GC GunGame Deathmatch: dm.gcftw.com lostorious @ Back (RADIO): Fire in the hole! Barashin.gc @ Bridge (RADIO): Fire in the hole! www.gamerscoalition.com or www.gcftw.com vovik @ Courtyard (RADIO): Fire in the hole! vovik @ Courtyard (RADIO): Fire in the hole! * Blue Cheese changed name to kill vovik * G13* changed name to (1)Kill vovik vovik : ooo [bTTW]The Jibbajabba.gc : no I am not an admin amertrash : vovik: a) I hate your face I can't find any admins right now, sorry. ko# : uh oh vovik : good friends? Real men forgive accidental TKs. ko# : buddies vovik : wow * (1)Kill vovik changed name to Kill vovik!!! (CT) Kill vovik!!! attacked a teammate ko# @ Double Doors (RADIO): Fire in the hole! No swearing or porn sprays please. *DEAD* Josh : who doesnt? lostorious @ Bridge (RADIO): Fire in the hole! [bTTW]The Jibbajabba.gc attacked a teammate *DEAD* Josh : lol
  5. WRX should be your top choice. You'll love it (I love mine). It's not just a car - it a culture. Get a new one if you can, very good deal on power upgrade compared to '08 model with marginal price increase. Or if you're getting a used one research the hell out of it. They can be pretty beat up.
  6. That Lancer Ralliart model is just a better version of normal Lancer, while WRX is just a worsened version of the STi. What that means is that WRX is waaaay better than Ralliart. Don't even bother looking at Mitsu. And the Evo X is having way too much tech problems compared to the STi for my liking. Not as good off-road either. WRX is the thing to get. Plus you can get more mods on it while saving money compared to STi
  7. Oh snap! Cujo, we got the same taste! Are you on any STi forums?
  8. That's really exciting...BUT...it's only 66 tic as I tried it out today and it's not going to be good. It's hard to play with that low of a tic, it's very noticeable on sprays especially. That was the sole reason the last West Coast server didn't catch on...
  9. Makes me wanna go back and play esea again. Good edit actually, I'm impressed, obviously taken some points from some other CSS movies.
  10. 40+ views and 3 days later...nothing?
  11. Hello gc. I just wanted to play on my favorite server after a long while in exhile...or however you say in english. And whaddya know? I'm banned. I guess I've been banned for awhile. It'd be cool to play with yall again from time to time. STEAM_0:0:5953261
  12. Didn't he say that there was no restocking fee on the first projector? I don't see where the salesperson said so about the second projector he tried. Good luck anyway.
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