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  1. Gunman

    Who is still here? CS:GO

    Hey hey - played CS yesterday with bullet-4o1, rustytang and a few others at a LAN. Had a blast. Gosh I miss the old days.
  2. Gunman

    Are you coming?

  3. Gunman

    CsLs + LaG?

    Let's do this! I will update my CS this week sometime - whenever I can escape from work and unpacking the new place.
  4. Gunman

    Project: Mmmmemory lane

    Hey Rev! Been a long time!
  5. Gunman

    CsLs + LaG?

    Where my Lunatics at?!
  6. Gunman

    red3y3z - car accident

    Where is Bodhi? We need the buff bot for Redeyez!
  7. Gunman

    Earliest member date challenge!

    Wow some old school guys here...
  8. Gunman

    Earliest member date challenge!

    Hi again. Hard to believe its been nearly 11 years since the 5v5 scriMmmms we would have...
  9. Gunman

    What to do...

    Just a final cap on this story, I ended up marrying her August 27th, 2010. I know its totally a resurrection of the topic but its funny how it all worked out between the two of us.
  10. Lets see how many of the originals we can stir up...yerm0th3r isnt allowed to play! <3 Post here if you have an early forum join date! (Or if you just wanna say hi)
  11. Gunman

    An Amazing new game coming down the pike!

  12. Gunman

    BANNED! me?! c'mon...

    Whats up Longhair! Gratz on getting married! Good to see another friendly face still posting on these forums - I recognize everyone who replied here so far woot!
  13. Gunman


    Hey everyone, just thought I would swing and see what is goin on around here! Glad to see the greatest gaming community I have ever been a part of is still alive and kicking! I am thinking of picking up my guns and coming back to Counterstrike - just gotta finish building my new desktop! Maybe I will be seeing you all in game shortly
  14. Gunman

    How did I get here?

    Lol. I win at the internetz. P.S. I miss u fatty - please love me
  15. Gunman

    How did I get here?

    Did a search of google.com for "bwarbly" and a post I made here 3 years ago popped up. Whats up everyone? lol