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  1. I hope you guys had fun tonight! redeyez
  2. I guess after having a 360 for a year, I kinda expected more from the PS3. I like it, but I still like the 360 better, mainly because Im addicted to XL Arcade. And I just cant get enough of Geometry Wars.
  3. I remember watching this as a kid. I hated it so much...I bought a DVD crap copy a few years ago, just for the cartoon.
  4. I love you Bob. Merry Christmas!
  5. Im working at the Horse tonight, its about 10 mins from the LAN. 25540 Miles Road 44146 Call me if anyone is coming so I can wave your door charge. 216.650.7531
  6. I've been thinking about building a poker table, for a while now, which isn't that hard. But I wanted to put cameras in, like on tv, but I cant decide what type to use. I was thinking of a 9 or 10 person table, with a dealer station. with the dealer station I was gonna have a camera there so you can see the unplayed turn and river. Then having all the cameras connected to one computer. Just wondering what you guys would suggest for cameras (ccd, webcame or whatever) and how much cpu power would be needed to record 10 cameras at once. It would be nice if I could get this completed b4 ff06. Then we could edit the footage after ff and have our own poker show.
  7. I've TOTALLED 11 cars, but been in a few more accidents where the car wasnt totalled...that was in my younger years, I've been accident free for 6 years....
  8. I still miss you. Merry Christmas Bob.
  9. I'll donate. Also check out my thread here. Its about building apoker table with cameras, i need some adivce. http://www.gamrs.co/forums/in...showtopic=23095
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