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  1. Yeah that's the one I have, minimal wear though so if you want to trade them straight I don't mind
  2. Do you wanna trade? Not sure if I have anything to satisfy you with... wink wink nudge nudge say no more say no more I'm sure we can work something out. I just got doubles of the perforated auto shotty if anyone is interested...of course they're both field tested...jerks
  3. I'm immune! This has never happened to me, until that is I mention somewhere that it's never happened to me and it will undoubtedly start...better make sure I don't do that.
  4. I switched from my Logi MX510 to a Razer Copperhead many years ago, it had a significant improvement on my skill (laugh it up now), though it did take some getting used to (the copperhead is pretty tiny compared to most logis). I'm actually considering getting a new gaming mouse as the copperhead is almost too small (and I like to buy stuff) I'm still using my Mx510 though, actually using it right now here at work. What a tank!
  5. Every time I read this, my brain translates it as Star Trek. O_O Yeah I spent way too long trying to figure out the tie-in with Star Trek on some of the guns...I'll never admit that to anyone though, they'll think I'm dumb... So far I've got: AUG Wings Digital Winter Camo Mac 10 Desert Storm Camo M4 Some Green Nova Orange Camo MAG7 Dust MAG7 Snow Camo Auto Sniper DoomKitty FAMAS Skulls MP7 I think that's it...
  6. Yeah we need to play test it more outside of the scope-less (or semi-scopeless) environment
  7. I used to be able to drink and play CS without worry...no longer...
  8. Nice... However, I got a total of zero drops yesterday...does it count from your first/last drop from the previous week where it always resets on Wednesday?
  9. This is why I never swap...and I'm not even joking.
  10. We like to think of ourselves as a committee but change the name often...
  11. Unlike Shaft who we kept trying to leave behind but he kept finding his way home...
  12. I would kick ban the holy criznap outta people switch on half to remain on one side. Unless it was warrented by unbalanced teams Haha totally, but you're not always there, and when you're not it's cold and lonely...
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