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  1. Qester


    dont run cs through your icon command or cd, run it from a run command and choose the dir, that way when u alt tab out, press escape and resume- u have ur sound back
  2. yeah i dont believe it either, i mean if a baboon attacks an infant why would everyone immediately think to witchcraft..didnt happen...
  3. Hmmm...has fatty seen fightclub?
  4. If my clan decideds to take tonight off ill be there!
  5. was an interesting cpl to say the least..i did expect team9 to take it coming into it, but then again i have been wrong many times
  6. My goal is cs is to make cal-main..hopefully with the new cal-im clan im in i can make it come true
  7. yeah i have the same problem as contra, i had 10 wizard 30 repairmen and 15 archers, all was going well until...they all died! how do i solve upkeep
  8. Hey well summer is soon approaching and im looking to broaden my games from SC and CS to a third i was thinking BF...just wanted your opinion on if its a good game, is it hard to learn? and are tehre any expansions that i need to get?
  9. Qester


    jokes definately on you, since ive done it about 105380923 times i now got it done in 3 seconds
  10. Hmmm i studied that tale last year
  11. Lets play lion tamer, you can be the lion and ill feed u my meat
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