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  1. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc

    Fatty in FLA

    I am in. I live in North Port, about 20 minutes from Venice. Let me know if you need help to set something up. I know Bradenton, Sarasota, and Venice very well.
  2. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc

    got banned

    The excuse my"bro" did it while I was gone is getting lame. You need to be responsible for your steam log in. I think you need to change password.
  3. Don't know who banned you, but it sounds like you were not helping your team much. We run "team play" servers and you could have been slowing down or hurting your team. Im sure the admin that banned you will be along.
  4. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc

    Banned for eating?

    True, I did it for 1 day, he would not shut up on vcom about his eating, staying in spawn etc...... I warned him to help his team. I banned him for 1 day so he could go eat
  5. I think we need to reboot servers/update them. The release today will not let me join the servers "server out of date" Thanks, ZiG
  6. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc

    Hate when people leave...

    If we were to pull the logs, would this be the truth? I think I responded by saying "wow what". I have never claimed to be the elite player that you are, and you know nothing about my day. I think I told you to keep your comments to yourself. Your reply was "ziggy people like you are why I wish I had the money to pay for admin" Your should not disrespect our admins, as we are trying to keep the game fun. With your comments I had 3 other players making comments as well. Consider this your warning, if you make comments against our admins or our servers while I am on you will be kicked or banned.
  7. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc


    Why unban?, we got all of the Haxorz with one shot!
  8. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc

    Got banned!!

    Next time don't take the bait, do not return FF. Report problems to the forum and let admins handle it. That is all
  9. I really do not like this guy. He has an attitude and continues to back talk admins and the rules. I have warned him many times to knock it off. I have him on my short list.
  10. Just checking, it seems we are playing the same maps a lot. I really like prodigy and inferno but have not seen them in rotation. Thanks, Zig
  11. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc


    I mean in rotation, I have never seen them on midwest.
  12. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc


    We need those maps added to Midwest stock.
  13. [CoFR]Ziggy.gc

    Not having fun anymore

    To get rid of the "team stacking" you need to get rid of stats. Stats will bring that type of player to the server. Another way is for GC members to set the example, ie join the team that needs help or switch teams when needed. When pubbers see that our members care they will also. I do have to agree with this post that it has been getting worse as of late. One last thing to try is for some of the more elite players to wait to join after teams fill. I see a lot of pubbers follow the good players to a team. just my .02 ZiG
  14. Alltalk is on and can't figure out how to turn it off. Thanks ZiG