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Rajun Cajun

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  • Birthday 12/29/1967

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    Slidell, LA
  1. Evil Dead 2 Safe Men Lawn Dogs What's Eating Gilbert Grape Cat People Harlod and Maude
  2. Rajun Cajun

    Custom Map Night moving back to Scopeless!!

    You should try to stop by Dragonfire. If it helps i'm built like conan
  3. Rajun Cajun

    corn and cell phones

    My poor brain
  4. Rajun Cajun

    uh...someone likes the toliet a little to much

    This goes beyond agoraphobia. What would you call this?
  5. Rajun Cajun

    Any Elmore Leonard Fans?

    Many of his books have been made into movies Jackie Brown, Get shorty, Be Cool, Big Bounce, and Out of Sight. He is one of the few writers that can make me laugh aloud.
  6. Rajun Cajun

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    Need an admin on mayhem
  7. Could you disable the Duma P90. I think he is a bot.
  8. Rajun Cajun

    Playing with my cellphone

    Don't feel bad DustBunny Katrina put two trees through my house.
  9. Rajun Cajun

    How intelligent are you?

    I got 8, what is a rand
  10. Rajun Cajun

    Mainstream Gaming System

    Sorry it took me so long to post kruten my video card fan locked up. I have a Pentium 1.8, 512 RAM, and a nvidia 4200
  11. Rajun Cajun

    Mainstream Gaming System

    I need a new computer, I am looking to spend 2,000 to 2,300 (my tax return). My current comp is beyond upgrading. The new computer will be for gaming only, and I have a monitor. Any suggestions would be appreciated.
  12. Rajun Cajun

    I know one kid that should lose his skateboard

    I am not a big fan of pit bulls, but too bad that wasn't one. The kid might have got what was coming to him.
  13. Rajun Cajun

    Do you Sleep at Work?

    No, but i do read the GC forums.
  14. Rajun Cajun


    No wonder I keep getting shot in the head. You should see my ghetto computer.
  15. Rajun Cajun

    Pictures from co-workers coming in.

    I lIve in Slidell, La ( 20 miles north of New Orleans). I had two trees land on my house one ended up with limbs in my bedroom. 15 holes in my roof, but no flooding. My sister lives(lived) right on lake Ponchatrain. A 25 to 30 foot wave left nothing but the slab. I drive through New Orleans every day going to work, it is really disturbing.