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  1. TheReverend(c)

    I am legend

    For the rest of you old farts out there may recall that in the last remake, the omega man, the character was also killed off and the girl and boy lived to spread the cure.
  2. TheReverend(c)

    Next Gen consoles

    And then we will all be able to afford a PS3 by that time.
  3. TheReverend(c)

    Next Gen consoles

    Prolly a little early to think about this question but thouht I would poke around the net and see if there are any rumors about. Im reffereing to ps4 and the next console after Wii and anything else that might come. Have only found rumors, anyone know somthing the rest of us dont? Start typing.
  4. TheReverend(c)

    So- 8800gt vs NEW 8800gts-

    Im running 2 8800gt 512's that cost a little more than a single gtx and they run Crysis like an ape on fire. There getting cheaper as we get closer to christmas. Managed to get mine at a good price. BFG is selling the 8800gt 512 OC at around $300. Friends running Doom 3 at ultra settings and HL2 maxed all the time with no probs.
  5. TheReverend(c)

    Eddie Izzard in Vegas

    Ive got all of Eddies cd's. What I cant understand is the bit about Sean Connery and animals on boats with big ears, but funny.
  6. TheReverend(c)

    Those of you who Doubted...

    Ive been playing cs since it started and maybe used ump maybe 10 times. It can be deadly if you get consistent headshots, but by the time you get a bead on someones head, that said someone usually has a better bead on yours.b
  7. TheReverend(c)

    Hellgate Thread

    I'm pretty impressed by the game Rev--give it a shot! :-) I havent totally given up on tf2, but Ill give cod4 a try. Looks promising.
  8. TheReverend(c)

    Any good?

    Yes its true you can build a sentry fairly quickly, but when you have a 5 minute round and it takes 3.5 of that, with dedicated supplies close by, thats just silly. I got kicked from a server 3 or 4 times for building sg\dispencers in places they didnt like. But thats an admin issue. Plus their on you in 30 secs all the while your trying to build that dispencer. Seems no better than Quake now. I played old tf up to the release of tf2 and its just not the same. I like to at least survive a round before some kid takes me out with amazing scout speed backed up by that lame medic beam. Ill try it a few more times but so far its just not good enough of a game. I know a lot of you like it and it looks promising, but as a loooonnnggggg time tfc vet, its just not the game we were all waiting for.
  9. TheReverend(c)

    Any good?

    TF2 has crappy hit reg like cs. Hard as all get out to hit a scout. Takes far too long to throw a nade. Takes nearly a whole round to build a level 3 sg, if your not being shot at already. Medic beam should be considered a hack as it makes it even harder to kill whomever your trying to kill if there behind them. Get killed faster in tf2 than tfc. I played tfc when it started and was hoping for great things with TF2 but sadly not. Maybe over the next 8 years there will be an improvment but with valve making updates that dont really help gameplay wise Im not sure.
  10. TheReverend(c)

    Hellgate Thread

    Yea since cS is crap these days and TF2 was such a big dissapointment, I think Im going to try other online games. Hopefully hellgate will have a good multiplayer game.
  11. TheReverend(c)

    Oh noes the internet died!

    Oddly enough, lolcat pics was the only data that DIDNT get deleted.
  12. TheReverend(c)

    Most Active User on the Forums!

    Nope didnt see him, but the nights young.
  13. TheReverend(c)

    Coastline to Atmosphere

    I found it here: http://halflife2.filefront.com/file/HalfLi...layer_Mod;67463
  14. TheReverend(c)

    Black Mesa Source

    I downloaded the music for this mod and I have to say its great. I converted them from mp3 to wav and played them on my huge home stereo. Prolly better than valve would have done. Its all made by one guy and can be downloaded from the site. Currently they have completed the Black Mesa levels and are working on the Zen planet maps. They are looking for folks that have good artwork on the subject.
  15. TheReverend(c)


    Now that we have Valve's TF2, this mod may still be fun to play.