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  1. When I open steam on the community and store views it can't connect to the internet, it just shows a blank page that says try refreshing the page. Any idea how to fix that? I'm running vista.
  2. hows this site? ne gud? http://www.techondigital.com/product.asp?productid=nuvi760
  3. is it ever safe ebaying a sealed one or is that just too risky?
  4. Hey fellas, I want to buy a Garmin Nuvi 760 and a friction mount for it. Anyone see a cheap one out there? I've been eyeing this legit? better place to buy from?
  5. cheapest regular gas in Ann Arbor this morning was $4.13 up 23 cents from yesterday. Word has it that it will be $5 for memorial day. I'm so f'd.
  6. in Ann Arbor it's 3.85-4.15 fill up total for me is like $55-60 i'm buying a new mazda 6 at the end of this month to try to counteract this garbage that is gas. that car gets a combo 28.5 mpg. better than my current taurus of 22 combo mpg.
  7. hahahahahahahahaha that's great, i love it.
  8. Nick Soapdish


    it's history, doesn't count whoops nm, mse and E, she's legit is drexel any good?
  9. i upped the fsb from 333 mhz to 4000 mhz to get from 2.66 ghz on the cpu to 3.2 ghz. ran ntune, thnx allanon, and everything seemed good 3dmark06 ran at 9k at 2.66 ghz and now it runs at 12k oc'd
  10. im thinking of oc'ing it tomorrow evening and ill let you guys know how it performs
  11. soapdish: 6' 155 lbs, goal 132, age 24 haha jk if you guys have BBC channel or on demand check out the BBC Diary section called "Crash Diet" it's about two journalists who go from a size (brit size) 16 to 00 in 6 weeks, they each lose like 35 lbs, and avg of like 3 or 4 lbs a day for a while in it. it's nuts. it's called "Super-Skinny Me"
  12. i'm going to be running some CAD, CFD, and FEA simulations that will take days on my computer. i want to overclock the cpu to see if i can get a few saved hours out of it, and to generally test the system. has anyone here oc'ed a C2D E6750? or for that matter, what's a good oc'ing guide? rig: C2D E6750 Gigabyte GA-P35-DQ6 2Gb OCZ DDR2 800 PC6400 4-4-3-5 GF 8800 GTX stock fan on cpu
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