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    Writer, Game Designer, Web Designer, 3D Artist, SysAdmin, Programmer, Lecturer, but most of all GAMER! ^.^

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  1. http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/tabardm...8-03141605.html http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/tabardm...8-03161605.html http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/tabardm...5-03161605.html http://www.curse-gaming.com/en/wow/tabardm...5-03141605.html
  2. Problem is, it's soulbound once you use them, so you can't give away your old stuff. Unless it's grey vendor trash or white commons of course. lol One exception to this is quest items that you can't use. If they're decent it'd be nice to offer them to other guild members before putting them up for sale. That's what I meant Um, last time I checked, quest items were BoP (Bind on Pickup). You're actually talking about BoE (Bind on Equip) items that drop off mobs right?
  3. Problem is, it's soulbound once you use them, so you can't give away your old stuff. Unless it's grey vendor trash or white commons of course. lol
  4. Boom headshot! Oh wait, wrong forum and game. Anyways, you might want to make a forum for officers-only guild planning and discussion.
  5. Just made one on Anvilmar, Turalion - Level 8 Paladin and climbing.
  6. Meatwad/Defender/Silvermoon Meatwad/Defendr/Hellfire
  7. Ok, guess I'll join in too: Silvermoon Server Level 60 Paladin "Defender" I'm working on a few more atm. On Burning Crusade Closed Beta: Hellfire Server (Same as above except with the last e for the name)
  8. If you look back through Blizzard's history, this isn't the first time they've delayed a game; they pride themselves on quality and don't like rush jobs. Ever wondered why almost all their games have won so many awards?
  9. Ok, there's people here in Singapore in the ESPL team debating about who's been playing longer...and was reading through the posts I've missed here and found some posts on it too...so to clarify: STEAM_0:0:xxxxxxxx or STEAM_0:1:xxxxxxxx? Which one is older? The first one is. The 0 and the 1 are the Steam ID assignment batch number. Sort of like your social security numbers. The last digits change before the first ones. Oh, and it seems some people are trying to buy the low Steam IDs too.
  10. You guys all know about this right? http://steampowered.com/stats/csmarket Pity us deaglers Hmm, maybe the scopeless servers will help lower the price of the awps...lol. Hope this doesn't affect the CAL matches though.
  11. The air quality is getting terrible now though, the darn Indonesian farmers and their slash-and-burn methods for clearing forests for palm oil plantations.
  12. Hey, so I just got a condo here in Singapore, pretty humid here, but otherwise it's great. The food is freaking cheap, you can get a full meal that stuffs you good for anywhere from 1-3 bucks US. Crazy huh? Around 100-150 US a month for rent here too. Hahah! The only bad thing is I hate my ping even more now. Oh, and the chicks here are pretty hot if you like Asian chicks. The company just signed some deals with Fujitsu, Dell, and NVIDIA for a bunch of hardware and Gelato Pro software so I'm going to be pretty busy, heheh. Talk to you guys later, and keep fragging!
  13. Thanks guys. Hmm, should have put this in the the main forums huh.
  14. Doesn't this belong in the Got Banned forums?
  15. # 665 "||[RT]|| ROCK" STEAM_0:1:307522 45:02 64 0 active Jumping on people's heads and tking.
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