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  1. Yeah Forz and I are ready to do it again. We need more ppl that are going to show up for sure and maybe we can do it on fri this time when that place is open until 1 in the morning. Just need plenty of notice so we can just get a hotel room this time.
  2. Yeah i agree with Raw. I was struggling cause that beer was sooooo gross. Rofl i didnt realize how tall john was compared to the rest of us.
  3. Elocin

    i quit.

    rofl you should have to take this to the ban page
  4. Be nice to see you back, hope the 7 days go by quickly for you.
  5. Forz cant get the pics I took in berkeley to show up and johns room is too messy to find his camera cord, So no pics
  6. Elocin

    cal season six???

    Only poke went Xt. Good luck in cal tWc hope you all kick butt.
  7. Yeah it was nice to meet everyone but atleast 12 would have been much better so we could have got a nice game going.
  8. Elocin

    Male or Female ?

    lol yeah actually forz corrected me and said that was just a little study they had done, and in that study girls who played the same amount of time did as good as the boys or better. lol but i still like to say it
  9. Elo 21 Forz 22 We will be there about 5:30 or 6 ,and we will have to leave about 12:30 or 1:00
  10. Yeah we can be there sat but prob not until later in the day. There is no way we can make friday. Who all is coming? I have john yaoski zero amnesiac raw forz elo Do you need to notify this place we are coming or is their plenty of room?
  11. Elocin

    Male or Female ?

    Yeah I think its easier to say I am female on a gc server than it would be anywhere else. Most people dont realize I am a girl from my name and ive always had it that way its just not worth all the comments (which is one reason i love gc). Ive been gaming since 99' and have played with lots of females, I was on a female tfc clan J.A.G. which consisted of atleast 14 of us. We are definately a part of the gaming world. Dont forget its a proven fact women have better hand eye coordination :tongue2:
  12. Elocin


    rolf ty I had no clue where to put it and now I see Im not alone
  13. Elocin


    I know we have had some server problems lately. Im not trying to make a complaint topic but WOW where is everyone. I quit tWc last week and figured I would still see all my buddies on west but its empty alllll day even at about 7 pm and later Ive been lucky to see 8 ppl in server. Am I missing something?
  14. Elocin

    West Coast LAN

    Has anyone Pmed you? I can see about doing it at the Red Lion in Modesto but i have to call them or set up a meeting to figure out cost,how many ppl, what kinda of room we need,blah blah. I have no clue how this works. If you want me try that let me know. Maybe somone could give me an idea of what and where to look?
  15. This is a screeny from today or yesterday cant remember (faulty memory)http://www.forztek.com/Downloads/Strats/de_aztec0002.jpg