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[GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

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  1. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Fourth 5v5 match

  2. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Second 3v3 Match

    depends on when the match is.......1 vote for t's plz
  3. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Fourth 5v5 match

    let me find out what im doing and ill see if i can just put me down as backup for know. nice...t's get the bad stuf out the way first
  4. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Where's Michigan Man?

    well.... the reason i missed the match i already siad so screw you wolf . j/k . umm ya i did see the game and im morning the loss.......
  5. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Fourth 5v5 match GoCI vs. :OH:

    I think ill agree with you and im in for sure this time LETS GET SOME PRACTICE IN!!!!!!!! I like to go as T's first. just because i get to chose. and on a friday/sat/sun days are best for me.
  6. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Third 5v5 Match

    well if i ever say i was in a traffic jam i am lieing because i live in cow land Michigan . but thats good and thank you sheep for takin my spot
  7. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Second 3v3 Match

    ill be backup but this time ill be here.............
  8. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Third 5v5 Match

    You guys im so frikin sorry my car craped out on the way home from school and i didn't get home till 11:00......................
  9. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Even MORE spray info and goodies

    Sweet spray man thx a lot.
  10. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    The REAL first 3v3 match

    ill be a backup if you need one
  11. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    The real First 3v3 Pistols match

    Hey Krunten get me the password for the pistols so i can join it
  12. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Third 5v5 Match

    Count me in bro. We got this one.
  13. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    So...uh...is it just me...or...

    Ummm ya, more matches=a good thing I will be at as many of the scrims as i can posably be.
  14. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Match vs. Team Element

  15. [GoCI] -=Michigan_Man=-

    Two teams?

    I gess if we dont have enof spots then well have to. Girl said that she is done playing with GoCI so you might wanna talk to her to get that spot free.