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    Creating a super human race of CSS players
  1. Sooooo thirsty!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Beer!! Here in portland I have fallen in love with a Micro called Hop Czar....so awesome and like 9.5% Ya buddy!!! Any update filter?
  2. DNA

    DNA moves again

    Thanks guys...Glad to be back.
  3. Sorry ZD, my life got all turned around and I had to get pushing on a new job promotion that I did get..so yea on that. I left you hanging and I am sorry for that, glad it got sold, and thanks for the offer.
  4. DNA

    DNA moves again

    Hi all, Well I got another promotion and another move. This time it is to Portland Oregon. So in the last 2 years I have moved from AZ to CT, then CT to AZ, and now AZ to Portland Oregon. I hope to get a chance to play some more and see you all online some more, Portland is a very cool city with a lot of Brew Pubs so I am not sure if my play with be up to par. HA Game on!!! B&^%^'s
  5. DNA

    July Dates Poll

    just about any time in july, but i voted for what works the best...cause i can leave from there to Martha's vineyard after that for my normal summer vacation.
  6. DNA


    I should have gotten back with the GC crew quicker...I started this myself on Feb 3rd, and I am down already 48lbs!!!! All in only a couple of months!! It is great to see peeps jumping like they did when we did this a couple of years ago...I did win that year Paid for my golfing at FF... My goal is to be at 175 by the end of July which will be a total loss of almost 70lbs....
  7. DNA

    FFO 2013 - Formative Work

    If lous will do one shot with me i will make the trip.....DNA is back baby!!!
  8. I'mmmmmmm back!!!!! Lets see what kind of damage i can do Single again (dims lights and puts on headset)
  9. DNA

    Opinions on new build

    Just got done doing a new build that now rocks, and you have pick most fo the same things....do the 2500K fo sure, the board I would switch to the MSi GD65, more bang for the buck, I also spent more on a SSD drive 256gb instead of a new card, and I am very glad I did. My GTX260 OC, now hits over 150 on all maps, and most hit 250 - 299 mark on easier maps. On the PSU i would recommend doing the corsair 750w, it has a much more stable single rail. New system put my windows rating to 7.6...changed my video card rating from a 4.3 to 7.6. by changing the cpu, board, and SSD. Plus now i boot in like 10 - 15 seconds...It installed windows 7 in 11mins.
  10. DNA

    Anyone Else?

    I know what you mean, but I dont have this negative K:D thing you talk about, i think that is more on the skill range (hiding a serious load of laughing).... But the HS thing from time to time, all around it messed up a lot with the update and the fixed seem to be more around "new features" as I call the new valve screwups they are putting into the game. If I wanted to play TF2 then I would play that, just give us the game that we have all played for many moons back please.
  11. DNA

    Ugh Banned?

    Hacker But really I can not think of any reason why someone would ban such a great soul (boy that is thick) I am going to say this was a miss fire on one of the noob admins, or drunk Fatty. Same thing I know, I know....
  12. DNA

    Pre FragFest Signup Sheet

    I know I will not be there until late this afternoon, early evening.
  13. DNA

    Pre FragFest Signup Sheet

    Sure dont put me down, I see how it is... You haven't officially signed up yet Btw...do so soon, but more importantly, t-shirt order going in today, let me know what size you need if you want one...not sure if there will be any extras ordered. Its offical now
  14. DNA


    Ya I just book about 2 min ago, and got a king non-smoking room no problem. Ohhh and also asked and YES breakfast is included for 2 with the rooms.