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  1. Sooooo thirsty!!!! MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm Beer!! Here in portland I have fallen in love with a Micro called Hop Czar....so awesome and like 9.5% Ya buddy!!! Any update filter?
  2. DNA

    DNA moves again

    Thanks guys...Glad to be back.
  3. Sorry ZD, my life got all turned around and I had to get pushing on a new job promotion that I did get..so yea on that. I left you hanging and I am sorry for that, glad it got sold, and thanks for the offer.
  4. DNA

    DNA moves again

    Hi all, Well I got another promotion and another move. This time it is to Portland Oregon. So in the last 2 years I have moved from AZ to CT, then CT to AZ, and now AZ to Portland Oregon. I hope to get a chance to play some more and see you all online some more, Portland is a very cool city with a lot of Brew Pubs so I am not sure if my play with be up to par. HA Game on!!! B&^%^'s
  5. just about any time in july, but i voted for what works the best...cause i can leave from there to Martha's vineyard after that for my normal summer vacation.
  6. I should have gotten back with the GC crew quicker...I started this myself on Feb 3rd, and I am down already 48lbs!!!! All in only a couple of months!! It is great to see peeps jumping like they did when we did this a couple of years ago...I did win that year Paid for my golfing at FF... My goal is to be at 175 by the end of July which will be a total loss of almost 70lbs....
  7. If lous will do one shot with me i will make the trip.....DNA is back baby!!!
  8. I'mmmmmmm back!!!!! Lets see what kind of damage i can do Single again (dims lights and puts on headset)
  9. Just got done doing a new build that now rocks, and you have pick most fo the same things....do the 2500K fo sure, the board I would switch to the MSi GD65, more bang for the buck, I also spent more on a SSD drive 256gb instead of a new card, and I am very glad I did. My GTX260 OC, now hits over 150 on all maps, and most hit 250 - 299 mark on easier maps. On the PSU i would recommend doing the corsair 750w, it has a much more stable single rail. New system put my windows rating to 7.6...changed my video card rating from a 4.3 to 7.6. by changing the cpu, board, and SSD. Plus now i boot in like 10 - 15 seconds...It installed windows 7 in 11mins.
  10. I know what you mean, but I dont have this negative K:D thing you talk about, i think that is more on the skill range (hiding a serious load of laughing).... But the HS thing from time to time, all around it messed up a lot with the update and the fixed seem to be more around "new features" as I call the new valve screwups they are putting into the game. If I wanted to play TF2 then I would play that, just give us the game that we have all played for many moons back please.
  11. Hacker But really I can not think of any reason why someone would ban such a great soul (boy that is thick) I am going to say this was a miss fire on one of the noob admins, or drunk Fatty. Same thing I know, I know....
  12. I know I will not be there until late this afternoon, early evening.
  13. Sure dont put me down, I see how it is... You haven't officially signed up yet Btw...do so soon, but more importantly, t-shirt order going in today, let me know what size you need if you want one...not sure if there will be any extras ordered. Its offical now
  14. Ya I just book about 2 min ago, and got a king non-smoking room no problem. Ohhh and also asked and YES breakfast is included for 2 with the rooms.
  15. Sure dont put me down, I see how it is...
  16. I sent his money in today and he goes by the name The Big Boss. Did u send mine in also? That was the deal right? ")
  17. Count me in for all but the Cedar Point trip, i will be leaving early wed morning so maybe a little late to Fatty's house.
  18. I plan to be there, I am just waiting on my House to sell so I can offical move over to RI and then I will be driving. My wife is already there starting work next week, but until I get over there I am not 100% sure...I am 90% sure at this time. I will pay for my slot if they start going fast or we need to get numbers comfirmed. Let me know if I need to do that (clue)....
  19. DNA

    Was a GREAT Man

    Thanks Tom, It is always nice to know no matter how far people are away from each other we all are still love and support one another. See ya in a few months.
  20. DNA

    Was a GREAT Man

    Thank you all for the kind words, it means a lot.
  21. DNA

    Was a GREAT Man

    Please send your prays to my father who passed away late Monday night. It was very sudden and the lose is very hard on our family. He was a great man who touched and loved all those he had knew. We love you DAD!!! You were l33t!
  22. Agreed, I may play more TF2 and be able to admin it....gets fustrating to try and build with only my socks on.
  23. DNA


    Okay so I was there that night and I know Trash and Fatty, and let me just lay this out as I saw it. Fatty (Founder) who never plays blessed us with some good hearted fun. Came in filled the room with this fatty spirit trying to get things happening. Ameritrash who I play with often and is a lot of fun and a good member was there to enjoy himself. Trash was upset with some technical difficulties and when ask by the beloved Fatty uses the word Doofus, so someone I know, a friend, a co worker I laugh it off because I know it is all in fun. If I dont know you and this is one of the few times we have ever interacted....well look out. In the past and I have always used a nice kick to get someones attention when they act up, and in this case it was used in that fashion. Fatty does not know Trash, he could be a real jerk and Fatty was not going to allow it. Ninja told Fatty that "hey trash was just joking around he does that a lot here, he is good guy...etc" Fatty said " okay cool just tell him to say sorry and dont call me names". Hey guess what lesson learned...Fatty does not like to be called names by people he does not know...DO ANYONE of us????? If I meet someone for the first time and said something that upset them, you bet I would say I am sorry (unless I really meant it and then this all does not matter) and I think we ALL need to just take it as that. Fatty does not "HATE" or "Dislike" Trash, he just does not know him and does not like to be called names. Trash...it is no big deal, I am sure it did not mean it in anyway other than a light hearted fun way, so no biggy to say sorry mhen...my bad..did not mean to hurt you. YEA!!!!! We are all friends.....come on people just relax and live...Enjoy...and get to know each other. SOOo really, it is time for a nice little sorry and a handshake and we can smile and get back to having fun. It is a Game right?
  24. You LIE! I will not believe it until i see you happy little but dancing in the Rock Band drum chair.
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