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  1. The storage crates actually open up now~!! And i got caught in a spider web.
  2. alvin

    If I wanted to play this

    If you guys watched the walking dead then you should check out the comic too. Completely different story line but amazing all the same. =]
  3. alvin


    I've changed my forum name two or three times. Back then I was still admin and Fatty told me to stop changing it cause it will confuse people when they're looking for me.
  4. alvin

    Interest in Las Vegas LAN?

    I woulld be interested depending on when the lan is. =]
  5. alvin


    Could I get permissions? Probably won't be on much since last i logged on my place was burnt to the ground and 1.8 should be out soon. =] Name is brrrishcold.
  6. alvin

    Counter-Strike sale!

    Get it and warm up for the upcoming release of the new counter-strike. =]
  7. I like how it looks, really slim and clean. LoL isn't that intensive but they say they are working with game developers to ensure smooth gameplay. But... I wouldn't buy it. There is no num pad and I need that. =P
  8. alvin

    Counter Strike: Global Offensive

    It uses the portal 2 source engine so I'm not expecting it to be too different. If they fix the hit boxes then that is enough for me. =]
  9. alvin

    Counter-Strike sale!

    http://store.steampowered.com/app/240/ If you don't have it, get it and populate your server. =]
  10. alvin

    Been a long time...

    Grenades do a lot more damage than before and smokes actually produce smoke that you can't see through. Other than that.. Everything is the same.
  11. alvin

    AWP Ammo

    Leave awp as is and reduce round time? Many rounds are just way drawn out because people camp near spawn for too long. This could force the team to work together and act quicker.
  12. So... I might be the only one... but... Can we add this mod? http://kotaku.com/5833003/pokemon-in-minecraft-hell-why-not
  13. alvin


    Does anybody have F.3.A.R.? I need someone to play co-op with cause it's summer and i'm bored. Having a mic would be nice(but not required) as I will be recording game play commentary and adding it to youtube.
  14. alvin

    Where is everyone?

    SC2~! That's where I've been. =]
  15. alvin

    R.I.P. Wayfarer aka Paul Kostuik

    I will miss playing L4D with way.. it wasn't often but it was always fun. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BF4pvddCUWA