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  2. Cobalt


    During my hiatus I found it a lot easier to find a pickup game of gg then jumping onto a cs server. Seems like a lot less effort and thought is required. You don't need to have teamwork, just blow people's faces off. I fully support getting a gg server if anyone else expresses interest.
  3. Cobalt

    Certification time.

    I got my A+ and Network+ from CTIA using only the For Dummies books. There are good resources on the cd and the cardboard bullet point of topics in the front were the only things I used. I never even read the book. I would see if there is a Linux for Dummies with the newest version of the test on it.
  4. Cobalt

    monitor time

    I dont think the NEC one is really all that large though Dun. The Dell widescreen monitors are really some of the best quality larger monitors you can get right now especially for that cost.
  5. The one that comes stock with the 4400+ and higher X2's is also pretty nice.
  6. Cobalt

    SATA drivers

    In that case you will definitely need a floppy drive and the motherboard SATA drivers.
  7. Cobalt

    Quietest CPU fan

    Heheh...he got to it before I could. Good luck with the build!
  8. Cobalt

    Wireless router

    Anyone who I have talked to who has the Gamefuel router absolutely loves it. It comes into play even more if you live in a household where certain people *wink* sister *wink* are cruising myspace, kazaa, limewire, and a bunch of other stuff while you are trying to game. Stuff like that can really hurt your ping but the gamefuel router will prioritize the information.
  9. Cobalt

    SATA drivers

    The issue actually comes down to what controls the SATA. If the SATA ports you are installing windows with are controlled by the southbridge Windows has drivers built into the operating system. If it is controlled any other way you will probably need a floppy drive and SATA drivers.
  10. Cobalt

    map fights

    I'm sure John expects this to be some sort of post about nuke. Nuke is an awesome map but I understand why some people don't want it in the rotation. It is still amazingly fun to chastize you about it John . With that being said, attention needs to be turned to another map; de_tides. This map could potentially be the worst map ever. It needs to be taken out of the rotation because it is an atrocity of a map.
  11. Cobalt

    FREE to Good Home

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH *EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE EXPLETIVE* THE -ONE- TIME I DON'T CHECK THIS FORUM! heheheh. That was an awesome thing giving those away Dingy, most people would have just sold them on eBay. If you get any more of them let me know!
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  13. Cobalt

    Is being...

    That's Firestarter.
  14. Sweet gaming rig indeed. I hate Intel with a passion but if the Conroe releases with anywhere near the performance the reviews give it and with some reliability (which would be unlike Intel) I might have to switch camps when I upgrade again.