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    Edmonton Alberta Canada
  1. Peckles

    Frag Fest Canada - 2015

    Jeez...we really DO let anyone in this country...
  2. Peckles

    The Oat Poets

    So I recently moved to a house across from a park. There are lots of bunnies having parties. Like, all the time. So I wrote them a jam. The Bunny Jamboree
  3. Peckles

    The Oat Poets

    Yeah, but we haven't done anything with it for like...3 years? Only 3 videos on it. YouTube
  4. Peckles

    The Oat Poets

    Oh look, a song. Ever bought a house? There are fun parts and not so fun parts. Here's an unhelpful parody of John Legend's 'All of You' called '(Paid For) All of You'. (Paid For) All of You
  5. Peckles

    Good to see GC still doing well

    I never bite with my own teeth
  6. Peckles

    Just got here on Saturday

  7. Peckles

    Just got here on Saturday

    Oh good, still far enough away...
  8. Peckles

    Just got here on Saturday

    Welcome to paradise*. Early September weather always throws a slice of hell at us to remind us who's in control. Then we get nice weather for a few weeks. Where did you move to? *paradise is 100% subjective
  9. Peckles

    Got some ink done :D

    I got a tattoo of my leg on my leg. Hard to see it though.
  10. Peckles

    Father Peckles

    No, it's very probably not what you think...Pretty sure the UN would intervene if I was creating offspring. Maybe this is TL;DR, maybe not. I found it pretty amusing: So while I was asleep last night, I received the following email to my address of 'kpeckles': Dear Fr Peckles, The girls will be singing for approximately 30 - 40 mins and I will send a copy of the programme once I receive it from our Head of Music. She would like to know, however, if there is an organ in the Chapel and would she be permitted to play. Failing that, we are singing at 10 am Mass in the Irish College on Sunday morning and I am sure we could get some form of keyboard from them. We have no way of our own to publicise the event, and would be extremely grateful if you could send an e-mail to your contacts. I could send you some information about the school, alternatively, we have a website: www.----------.org.uk. As soon as I get the programme, I will forward it on to you. Many thanks for all your help and I look forward to meeting you there. Regards M Sure enough, a little later I received: Dear Fr Peckles S has sent me through the programme for you. Please let me know if you need any other information. We will be arriving in Rome on Wednesday, so if you need to contact me for any reason before the concert, my mobile is --------------. Regards M I woke up to those two emails. As they avoided my spam filter, I decided to find out why I received them. I went to the school website, discovered that M is the principal of an all girls school in Ireland, and that their choir was taking a trip to Italy. Wondering why I was being referred to as Father Peckles (I had to figure out what the hono, I googled it, and discovered a Father Keith Pecklers in Rome. Sidenote: in 2010, Keith Pecklers was involved in a sexual abuse case dating back to the 70s, and it seems like a rather tidy sum was paid out in a settlement. Anyway, I responded to M with the following: Ms S, Normally I tend to ignore emails which seem to be erroneously sent to me, but after a brief searching, I feel like this is genuine information that has likely not reached its intended target. I must inform you that I am not a Father of the Catholic Church, nor do I live in Italy. I would suggest you double check the contact information for this Fr Peckles (Fr Pecklers, perhaps?). I wish you the best of luck in what would appear to be a school music trip. I am sure you will sound excellent and that it will be a memorable experience for everyone involved. Kind regards, A She thanked me and apologized. So basically, what I've learned from this, is that one of my mainstay pseudonyms is very very nearly a shady American priest in Rome. You may address me accordingly.
  11. Peckles

    Tell us what your name means

    Peckles was a randomly generated name from Worms. For awhile when I first started, I was terrible (blah blah still terrible blah blah blah), so I would just try to stab people, and it became Knifey Peckles, which was often shortened to KP. I think only Beowulf still calls me KP. It's generally shortened to Peklz now, and constantly changes to integrate with some kind of reference to some kind of thing.
  12. Peckles

    What is your most memorable concert?

    I'll never forget that homeless man outside Rexall Place after EVERY OILERS GAME (read: loss) banging on his poorly taped-together buckets. I might have paroxysmal tinnitus.
  13. Peckles

    The Oat Poets

    So we're only like 15 months behind schedule. The Monthly Double has pretty much turned into a Yearly Double. Anyway, here's a new song, called John Ritchie (if your name is John Ritchie, maybe it's about you and I'm ALWAYS WATCHING) John Ritchie
  14. Howdy. Could I have A_Paq added to the whitelist? It's my gf.
  15. I'm assuming dynmap has yet to update? I only ask because I like to distance myself from the commoners....