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    Writing, reading, crabwalking.
  1. {9+}Fluffy

    Making survivors side more challenging

    Constant tanks during finales. 1 alive at all times. It would be hilarious.
  2. {9+}Fluffy

    GO Server Problem

    This is happening again, 1/13/2013. 3:30-3:50ish PM EST. Demoner, I, and Lunk were on. A forced mapchange didn't correct it. Going to cross-post this in the admin forum.
  3. {9+}Fluffy

    oh my- what teh heck happened here???

    Did nobody else say that your name is appropriate yet? Heya, Laz.
  4. {9+}Fluffy

    Dream team

    Wow wow wow, Chief says WHAT now?? Edited. But he did say that once. So you totally should stalk him and skin him.
  5. {9+}Fluffy

    Dream team

    I go by comedy and whose voices make me smile the most. So the only ones i can think of are: 1. Defiant (Sounds just like David Cross.) 2. Poutch (oh geeze come on guys) 3. Maestro (Hello!) 4. TheDude (Denied) 5. Stutters (would at least be hilarious to watch him play L4D2) 6. Lookback (especially in sarcastic mode) 7. Rumrunner (paaaaahk the caaaaaah in haaaaaaavaaaaad yaaaaaahd) All other slots to be filled by an open-mic competition at the Apollo.
  6. {9+}Fluffy

    Wow that's weird

    I'm incredibly double-jointed, and I've been yelled at by two nobel prize winners.
  7. {9+}Fluffy

    Need a ban

    I'm not sure you should make that sort of claim, then simply bring two names to the forums and say 'Please ban'. It's very hard for me to tell just from the logs what happened, but it does seem that DeathTheKid is not new on the server. He was using the !buy commands, and there were several players asking him not to rush in chat. I'm not so sure about Vladimir... from the few lines of chat that were there, he seemed new to me. I've placed a 1-day ban on DeathTheKid--next time bring a little bit more evidence (more than just your word), this just doesn't support a permaban. Oh, wasn't asking for a permaban, just whatever seemed appropriate. I guess since I was reporting on something that was already dated, it was kind of moot.
  8. {9+}Fluffy

    Need a ban

    I've seen Vladamir around before, don't know about DeathTheKid. I'm not sure what speaking English has to do with it. If you don't want to ban them, feel free not to. I'll get a demo next time. On the other hand, I don't know what speaking English has to do with it. Rushers who don't speak English aren't really better than those who do. Probably worse, since they'll be harder to change. Edit: Unload was on the server too and could attest to it, as was Kickstand.
  9. {9+}Fluffy

    Need a ban

    Actually, I need two: Vladamir Shootin' and DeathTheKid. Both were warned about rushing, both rushed and abandoned the rest of their teammates far before there was any reason to. They rushed a very long way. This occurred at approximately 11:10 Friday 9/21. I gave them several warnings, and offered them a chance to explain. They didn't do so.
  10. {9+}Fluffy


    Heya all. i've had an interesting past two years-- got married, got divorced, started a startup, startup failed, wound up producing children's interactive media. long story short: I'm back, and I'd like to rejoin I paid the dues, but the final screen for paypal didn't confirm it. Can someone check and see if they got an app from me?
  11. {9+}Fluffy

    !!!!!!Ban requests!!!!!!

    Ban request on West-- 1-THOUGHT" STEAM_0:1:155664 31:32 52 0 active He's a long-time reg, so I'm sad about this one. He: Camped with bomb in order to form a "ghey pyramid". Told me not to be a douche bag when I told him to quit it when the lame jokes. Spec exploited right after I asked him if he was a reg. Was basically being a jerk. 1-THOUGHT" STEAM_0:1:155664 31:32 52 0 active
  12. Happened to me to, Zero. You're not alone.
  13. {9+}Fluffy

    DWP back on?

    You want me to say your curves are the perfect ugly point? 'cuz, man, you've got it.
  14. {9+}Fluffy

    DWP back on?

    Ah, well, color me embarrassed. I put all that thought and stuff into stuff and look at what happened: Stuff! And yeah, I'm done with my vacation. Hopefully no longer unemployed by the end of this week, too. I'd honestly love DWP if they took armor out of the equation and made the curves either flatter or steeper-- they seem to have hit the perfect ugly point in the math for it.
  15. DWP was back on the West server today. I haven't posted about the DWP thing before, wanting to take some time to evaluate it. It is my opinion that in its current formation it is, without question, horrible game design. A ) Including armor in the price: As of today, armor and helmet was over $3000. This means the average no-killer on the winning team will not be able to afford armor and helmet. B ) Higher prices means more gun camping. More players will be loathe to lose their guns in a defuse, a hostie rescue, etc. It means more camping in general, to the detriment of teamplay. C ) Better players are rewarded. Only a consistently good player will be able to consistently afford armor and a helmet-- a good player with a helmet vs an average player without a helmet is not exactly fun. DWP is an interesting concept, certainly. Anytime you have a market economy, something can be implemented that uses that market in order to make the gameplay leveled and interesting. There is nothing about the current setup of DWP that achieves its actual purpose. Even taking the insanity of having armor (a universal necessity) fall under the same economy as weapons, the expensive weapons are ludicrously expensive, the "cheap" weapons are not very cheap at all. Whatever math is being used to set dynamic weapons pricing is failing out of the gate. What's more, as DWP continues in its current pyramid pricing status, more and more servers will turn it off, making the data sample of DWP pricing smaller and smaller. I realize that CS:S is set up to reward good players for good play in the first place, but I think that DWP accelerates that reward to the point of nonsense. I don't see any reason for re-implementing DWP when nothing about the system has substantially changed since it was taken off. Here's the current link to DWP Dynamic Weapon Pricing Homepage