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  1. Dang, nice one Jackie. I remember watching that two years a go and laughing so hard I ruined a keyboard spililng orange fanta on it
  2. Ahh man I really want to, but I'm in a very smal guild consisting of clan members who are in =US= (Unknown Soldiers), however I'm always up to hunt with you guys... Xfire is Allanon754
  3. Man was that awsome, when Serenity was shown the first time above (forgot what planet it was) brought me to tears, and now Joss Whedon has no further plans for a second season OH NOES! And, go browncoats!
  4. Thank you, I feel so stupid
  5. Allanon

    PC RPG's

    I don't think Freedom Force is an RPG, not that it doesn't rock. Dungeon Siege Final Fantasy VI, VII, and IX All I can remember right now with the exception of MMORPG's but those are different anyways
  6. I downloaded the form/waver that was linked several times for last year's FF, but is there an updated one for this year? I could not find one after many unsuccesful attempts .
  7. I'm on usually every other day
  8. For all the Firefly fans out that and sci-fi fans in general go out and watch this, it's on DVD now and it rocks.
  9. Lauranel Majere (it's a girl character, "Don't ask, don't tell") 20 Mo/Me, Rank 2
  10. Try =US= my BF2 clan's ranked server, 32 people and same rules as GC servers, no smacktards, no TKers, etc.
  11. Thank you, I had a Nvidia, then ATI, then Nvidia, then ATI... they usually come so close and I usually can't afford the high end products until a few months after they come out that I don't really care. I mean they're both good gaming cards, it's not like saying which is better Intel or AMD for gaming, that's a fact that can't be argued .
  12. I think CPL is in Texas. <{POST_SNAPBACK}> And usually it's not even in the U.S.
  13. I dunno... it sounds like if Mr. Duke has his way, Mags might leave FF a "looser"... <{POST_SNAPBACK}> CPL is the big leagues. If you win you would get lots of nice green cash, however CPL is big business and the competition is huge, I think VoO usually dominates though I don't really know my CS:S teams. I am trying to go the first time this year, so I don't even know what it's ike, but I would go with FF personally.
  14. Yah I just looked at it though thanks again for showing it to me. That form says 2005 on it for Frag Fest Ohio
  15. I think I found the ideal solution to being under 18 and still going to FF OH '06. Is it possible come as clans, as Battlefield 2/partially CS:S clan has many members older and younger then 18 allowing many of us to come, assuming we signed up now or very soon and thus would allow me to come and finally see some of the chums who frag me all day and night. Thanks
  16. Awww I can't have an entire staff of people waiting on my less then 18 years old butt? So does that mean if I have someoen who I know who's 18+ with me would that be ok?
  17. I've been playing on GC's Servers for a few months now, and I've decided to look into This FragFestOhio Lan party. Is there an 18+ age limit, or is it all ages?
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