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  1. what kind of fixie do you ride? He said Wicker Park not Logan Square, he's mainstream now. Also don't worry SJ right back atcha. wicker park was cool before logan square, thus the core hipsters are in wicker park. logan square is full of posers. Truth. Logan Square's just the cheaper Wicker Park. I get my neighborhoods confused, is Wicker Park just south of Bucktown?
  2. what kind of fixie do you ride? He said Wicker Park not Logan Square, he's mainstream now. Also don't worry SJ right back atcha.
  3. This is assuming that you didn't pass judgement already. I don't remember besides Walking cat ordering two Fat Tires and I had a Black Butte Porter, Three Floyds Pride and Joy IPA and some Belgian that I can't remember.
  4. Just got back from climbing, this is downtown right? Probably won't be there till 6:30 at the earliest. How long do you guys think you'll be there? I just realized that the plan was for 8 so I'll definitely be there then.
  5. I voted Clarion mostly because change frightens me, but also because I'm an insomniac.
  6. I'm free for either as well I generally don't make plans for Friday night until Friday night.
  7. The Black Keys and White Stripes should form a band, they can call it piano.

    1. TheDude


      Ha! Good one!

    2. Lookback


      That would actually be interesting, I think.

    3. Cinkadeus
  8. Looking at the map Crasx is also nearby, does he check the forums at all? Also this Friday works for me.
  9. Thanks for the help ZD, I'm definitely interested in Acer one at 850. Those specs seem to be pretty darned good for that price, and as the top graphic demanding game that I will be playing for a while is Guild Wars 2. I think that will do just fine.
  10. But... you don't understand, it goes all the way to 11.
  11. Great Allanon, I use CTA sometimes too. I think downtown of Chicago is the best area. Do you have a good place in mind? I do but I'm in Lakeview so everything I know is either off of Southport or in Lincoln Park. I'm ok with downtown as well I just don't know what good spots are down there. Maybe we should check out smalltabs.com
  12. They said I could be anything. So I became a banana.
  13. I too am in the market for a gaming laptop. It can be big and bulky. I really like the laptop in the first link here but I really would like Windows 7. The price range would be 700-800. Any other suggestions? I'm not opposed to refurbished if you guys feel that is a safe route to go. Just gonna join in on the bandwagon here as my 3 year old HP laptop (which wasn't top of the line when I got it) could really use a good replacement. Looking for a mix between decent battery life and decent gaming. I'd say max 1000 cash dollar hairs.
  14. I'm absolutely down, and I finally have a U-pass again so I can go anywhere the CTA does!
  15. I just tried Kuma's for the first time last week, definitely worth it. Chicago's got a lot of good burger joints. Stutter's was Etno's open when you were living in the city (Lincoln and Diversey I believe)
  16. I don't know Fatty, I think I used all my luck the last time I played.
  17. I am. I don't have a car but I can help pitch in for gas as well.
  18. Crap sorry forgot to wish you all a merry festivus! Hopefully the airing of grievances went well.
  19. Then it's like Yuenhling. Not the best beer you'll ever drink but for the price it's hard to beat when you don't want to pay ten to twelve bucks for a craft beer six pack
  20. ZD if it helps I doubt I will be gaming much. My old desktop is in shambles and when I do play it's on my 3 year old laptop. If I'm close this summer I definitely plan on coming. P.S. that means Chicago so if anyone close by wants to road trip let me know. Also food/drink restrictions don't bug me, but being a little bit of an insomniac 1am is a bit early. Of course whatever people vote on is good with me
  21. that argument is part of the reason i hate the beatles. the same could be said about the pixies, the ramons, the sex pistols, even elvis. music, among myriad other things, influence musicians. personally, i'd like to thank the beatles for commercializing music by exploiting simple hooks and pop rhythms. a lot of great that's done us. I should have prefaced that with saying I'm also very biased and this is my subjective opinion. Still I just believe that no one since them as affected music the way they did. Especially in songwriting. They certainly weren't the best instrumentalist to ever walk the Earth, but I feel as if McCartney and Lennon together were the best songwriters pop music has ever seen. Protip: George Harrison's hooks and lack of complex solos makes it seems as if he's not really that good but he just refused to play one more note than was ever necessary. Also could play a beautiful slide guitar. tl;dr that's just like your opinion, man.
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