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  1. If by have some good music you mean an entire catalogue that completely redefined how the entire world thought about music in every way then yes. Sorry I can admit that I have an obsession with them, but just remember any music that you like would be completely different without them.
  2. Mustache is looking pretty fierce Stutters, any word back from the plumbers union yet?
  3. Wanna learn new things? Check out the BBC show QI (Quite Interesting). It's hosted by Stephen Fry and is a trivia show about the most random interesting facts with some pretty funny people such as Jimmy Car and Alan Davies.
  4. I really feel as if I was born in the wrong decade. Also Fairweather have you ever seen the version where Prince does the solo? Made me respect the guy so much more than I ever did before. [utube]3XFfUt7HQWM[/utube]
  5. Not sure what kind of music most people around here listen to, but I guess I take it for granted that everyone's as big a Beatles and especially George Harrison fan as I am. Still, to those who don't know he passed away 11 years today. One of the best songwriters and guitarists to have ever lived (in my biased opinion of course) and my favorite Beatle. I feel like wherever you guys are today (yes it's already 4:00 PM Central) to enjoy the rest of your day and week, because if I learned anything from listening to George, it's that all things must pass.
  6. Yup, that way there isn't one server steamrolling the other two in WvW all the time.
  7. Little late of a reply but I have a friend who grew up in central OA and she's always taking about it. Apparently it's a pretty tasty beer and most importantly not too pricey. Not sure what kind though :/
  8. I used to doodle. I mean I still do, but I used to also.
  9. Not sure but GC seems pretty dead, transferred to Storm bluff because Black hate was doing so poorly in WvW so I could finally get Mao completion and now we've moves up a tier :|
  10. And here I was thinking I was the only one.
  11. I hear ya Evil, I pop in the forums and then disappear for a while. Hope you're doing most excellent these days!
  12. Allanon

    Yo Yo Yo

    Strange times indeed. If Fragfest '13 is indeed in the works I really hope to make it, haven't been since 08 when I Gaines fifty achievements for hogging a months worth of pizza from anyone would actually need it. However as of now my summer plans are still in the air, as long as I'm somewhere in the mod west I'll almost definitely be there. Also any GCers in Chicago these days? Moved here last January to finish up undergrad at DePaul after taking some time off and still getting to know this ol' town.
  13. No second thoughts JC. No one lives forever, except maybe William Shatner
  14. I'm in a glass case of emotion!
  15. And send me a guild invite as well?
  16. Brett, it's David Bowie from the movie Labyrinth. This is your dream Brett, you're frreaky freaky dream.
  17. Also check out the GW2 forums at teamquitter.com, and above all else. Specate, spectate, spectate. See what the good players do, what builds they run.
  18. Three star of davids!? Crystal desert is getting way too powerful
  19. He used to live in New Orleans. I mean he still does, but he used to as well.
  20. Just my biased opinion but try out Mesmer for size and see how you like it. IMO one of the best classes in GW2. The illusion mechanic is really cool and makes combat very different.
  21. Topic title is a little confusing, 90's to late 2000's is pretty much until a few years a go which is definitely what a lot of people would consider "classic" age of video games. But man for me there's too many to count, platformers were and still are one of my favorite types of games. Battle Toads (hardest game ever made), Castlevania, Contra, Metal Slug, Super Mario 3 and Super Mario World. Also just a quick list of good oldies - Homeworld - Half Life - Warcraft 2 - Starcraft - Zelda A Link To The Past - Fallout 1 and 2 (Way better than 3) - Baulders Gate 1 and 2 - Doom 2 All I can think of for right now, also why the heck did I use bullet points. Am I creating a shopping list?
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