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    Riding dirtbikes, bmx, scooters, snowmobiles with the kids and wife.
  1. Because they were to busy hanging out in vans at concerts and protest? Really, it was because video was not around to push athletes to the extreme's to get noticed.
  2. ThruX


    The first ban was from an unknown person. He posted in the Forums with no response. I do not know how to un-ban and requested a few admins to do it. Stutters did reinstate eb's steam ID at my request. I warned eb to follow the rules or it may happen again. Maybe someone can give a definite response so this does not go on with useless post.
  3. ThruX

    Help please

    He was the cool Dad in Free Willy too. Gosh, Orca's are sweet pets.
  4. ThruX

    Help please

    Who is the guy in the center of the screen at 00:36 seconds? I used to like that guy when I was a kid. I only remember him in crappy movies though. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Sqz5dbs5zmo&feature=
  5. ThruX

    Control the Botts!

    excellent fun. Drive some Botts
  6. ThruX

    Shattered Horizon

    I was not to impressed with gameplay. Graphics are pretty and love the idea of fighting in space. Although, gunfights seemed cheesy and kills do not feel very rewarding.
  7. ThruX

    Any gun enthusiast / experts here?

    Wife has a 9 sc and I have the 45c. No FTF's, FTE's ect. I say for the price there is not a better deal.
  8. ThruX


    Oh wow, I always read it as filterkill. I guess I was always looking at the picture.
  9. ThruX

    Quick Bio Info - What do you do?

    Process Engineer on 2nd shift. Returned to school for Electrical Engineering. Was put on hold last year due to layoffs and shift changes. Things are calming down now. Really wish I could just build something outside all day.
  10. ThruX

    new macbook pro or...?

    Want to buy mine? http://www.notebookreview.com/default.asp?newsID=4612
  11. ThruX


    O.K. Well my brother in-law is a great golfer. He would like to attend with me. What is the exact date for event? He does not have a cpu for gaming but we will share. Could we add him? Need to confirm date before adding to the list though.
  12. ThruX


    I have vacation days set aside for this. Looking forward to golfing.
  13. ThruX

    I'll be Back...

    About time you came back!
  14. ThruX

    Premium Target

    Wow Fatty exist. I thought you were just a facade to accept members. edit: Added a smiley so you know I am joking.
  15. ThruX

    Prayers Please

    Thank you for all the Prayers. Unfortunately she has left us. The damage was to severe to recover from. She put up an excellent fight, but things are better this way. Again Thank you for the wishes.