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  1. my computer pooped out on me so i was stuck on a laptop so cs is not an option for months, i finally got a gaming comp assembled so i'm back !!!
  2. i hope someone remembers me
  3. 6:04 PM PST # 452 "YOU'll regret having me on your" STEAM_0:1:12392751 02:24 85 0 active # 453 "HuM4n Fl3$h! ',..,' ====)" STEAM_0:1:12393685 02:22 53 2 active both of them tking and mic spamming both regadb and twc|cable guy can attest to this ty p.s. i love stuttering john
  4. how about we just enable DWP in the AIM Map server?
  5. ban request # 1322 "[myg0t]r3st" STEAM_0:0:7595863 00:45 52 0 active west 11:45 PM PST, sept. 25
  6. i just like to exploit sexy admins like Stuttering John
  7. i live in fremont, so any bay area LAN i will go
  8. Hi All, I just want to know if you think I'm a MALE or a FEMALE; and please state your reasons. I'm getting confused myself.. Love, - Charmin' Ultra
  9. # 1528 "DYADJAD:AD" STEAM_0:0:7736324 11:31 53 0 active tking, flashing, cussing ty for help
  10. How about changing your name to "Angel Soft " We can be partners in rushing and camping... - Charmin_ULtra
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