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  1. Looks like my team got auto drafted. I dnt have time to manage it this year. If someone wanted in this year, they can have my team. I'll see about adding them as manager.
  2. Hey guys, I'm out this year. Too much other stuff going on. Sorry for the non existent notice, just saw the email regarding the draft. Good luck this year and have fun. My team was IR All stars. Hopefully someone can fill the gap.
  3. Is Week 3 too early to say my team hates me and I should quit? Congrats to the glut of 2-0 teams!
  4. Great participation in the draft tonight! It's awesome that we only had one auto-drafter in the league this year. Definitely makes things more interesting and entertaining. As I predicted in the draft, Yahoo hates me and for the second or third straight year I have been given a C draft grade and predicted to finish dead last in the league. Huzzah!
  5. Any chance we can push back the time a few hours? 4pm is too early and I'll still be stuck in a car from the holiday weekend
  6. I'm good with 9 on a weeknight, except Tuesday and Friday
  7. Late to the party here, I know, but I can't do Saturday the 3rd or Friday night before either. Stupid out of town wedding is screwing up my schedule. I could do this coming Monday, Wednesday, Thursday or Sunday the 4th. Hell I could still do tonight at 5. ETA: Is League 1 not a thing anymore? Looks like it hasn't been renewed.
  8. I got screwed every other conceivable way last week for both teams, so I'm not surprised by this. I really hate fantasy football sometimes.
  9. I'm inexplicably facing Flitterkill in both leagues this week. One is a matchup of unbeatens, the other... not so much. Starts tonight! Here's hoping Le'Veon and Steve Smith get ALL OF THE TOUCHES. FK, wanna trade for Smith again this season?
  10. Guess we'll need to reschedule the draft and drag someone else in here. I'm free any of the next few evenings except tomorrow (Monday). The other league drafts Wednesday night at 9pm eastern, FYI.
  11. So, like, I thought the draft was happening in 25 minutes? Looks like it was changed to auto draft or something... Hm, it appears there is an odd number of teams now and the league won't start. Is one more coming?
  12. Earlier Sunday would be fine (5 is pushing it for me), Monday would possibly be doable as well.
  13. I would prefer not Sunday if at all possible - I have in-laws over for dinner that night and can't disappear for an hour at 7pm. I also joined the other league, which I see drafts at 3pm on Sunday. That's fine with me, but I can't do the later time for this league.
  14. I'm in league 2, was also in league 1 last year. I'll join this one as well if it needs numbers to fill up the league, but won't take a spot if someone else wants one that isn't in league 2.
  15. I'll hop back in for league #2 and reclaim my championship team. Hopefully it hasn't been given away yet, as the last invite indicated. Edit: Looks like I'm back in. Has this become a keeper league or are we redrafting everything? I see a message to select keepers and would like to know if this should be done.
  16. Crazy season. Never thought I would survive drafting Peterson #1 overall and getting 9 points out of him for the entire year. My wide receivers brought it nearly every single week, which was the difference. I somehow stumbled into drafting 3 top 10 receivers and picking up another off the waiver wire (Beckham Jr.) I'm shocked that I survived Luck's worst fantasy game as a pro in the championship in a week were scoring was down across the board. I think that all of the terrible luck I had in league #1 was offset by good luck in Deuce (waiver wire pickups, duct taping my RB lineup together all year, getting Gates in RD13, etc). Is it too late to make this league a keeper league? TBT, I like the long-play there. Sandcastle is for sure a top 3 pick next year.
  17. I can't believe the debacle that was the IND-DAL game. Luck has been carrying my team all year, and gets PULLED about the time he usually gets hot. 2 points and change out of him, which turned what was shaping up to be a blowout matchup into me terrified of the Monday night game. The Thomas twins absolutely can go off, while keeping Hill in single digits and CJ Anderson bottled up or vultured by Thompson. I want no part of it, and I'm angry with the Colts right now. If I manage to hang on for the win, I feel like I should send O'Dell Beckham Jr. a gift basket or something.
  18. Let me vent about my team in League 1 from last week. I had Le'Veon Bell score 42. My whole team scores 160 points. Even Jay Cutler put up 27 points instead of wetting the bed. I lost by 9 points. That matchup made me want to reevaluate my life choices.
  19. Fk, look at all those points your Wrs scored last week! Just think of the possibilities if you started the right ones! My terrible matchup luck in league #1 continues, Close second in points scored, and most points scored against by far, if we aren't counting a 3-9 team. Grr. On top of that, the Thanksgiving day games have thus far been a worst case scenario for me in league 1 with both Murray and McCoy going off, along with the effing kicker for Philly, for crying out loud. What does Forte do? He gets six carries. SIX! LB, I thought about picking up Beckham in league 1 two weeks ago, but I'm ridiculously deep at receiver and thought it would only make my start/sit decisions harder. Brandon Marshall and TY Hilton are on my bench this week, and I nearly thought about benching Randall Cobb. Thinking about it now, though, I should have dropped Andre Johnson weeks ago.
  20. I would pick him up, except last I checked he was still on your roster!
  21. JEREMY HILL!! I still don't understand how I had waiver priority for Peterson. The 6 or so people ahead of me must be set at RB. I'd like to think it was Fantasy Karma at work, since he was my first overall pick and I've been scrounging the waiver wire for RBs all season. Did anyone else put in a claim for him? Of course this could all blow up in my face and they somehow find a way to keep AP from playing this year. It's also looking like I'll be scraping the bottom of the QB barrel this week with Luck on bye.
  22. Brown, Cobb, and Luck have carried my team by being studs pretty much every week. My RBs have been a hot mess and I've been fighting it all year. I'll be surprised if I'm still in this position come playoff time. FK, if it makes you feel any better, you have thus far "won" our trade. It's looking like I may never actually be starting Martin as everyone seems to think he's going to lose his job. Smith Sr is still at least seeing a lot of targets.
  23. I'm amazed I've been able to push enough buttons at RB to survive enough to be in 1st place at this point. I also feel the need to give a shout out to Antonio Brown for being such a stud that he decided to THROW for a TD instead of just catching one this week (you know, for added degree of difficulty). I also can't imagine that Cobb can possibly continue to be the TD machine he has been, but I guess I'll ride the wave as long as I can. As for League 1, I can't talk about it. I'm not finished screaming at Todd Haley (Pitt OC) for NOT RUNNING THE DAMN BALL while holding a lead in the 4th quarter. I mean, seriously, a 30 yard FADE ROUTE pass when you're trying to hold onto the lead???? I only needed 17 more yards out of Bell. He should have handily gotten that. The fade route should be banned from professional football.
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