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  1. mohawk


    fatguy, clue, blitz and I have been logging some hours in a vanilla server that was whipped ~ 5 days ago. Most of us just started playing, so its a little more enjoyable then spawning with an m4.. We have 2 decent forts built up and a big armory of m4s and BARs - however no C4 (not much on the server yet). We were raided last night - fortunately while Clue, Fatguy and I were on - we managed to hold them off but they identified some vulnerabilities in our main base. We'll be building a new one in the next few days if you want to join. Hit one of us up on steam and we'll acclimate you to the server.
  2. STICKERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. You are getting a lot of good suggestions - don't listen to sj - we kicked him out. Coming from someone who lives downtown and has to occasionally commute to the 'burbs for work - don't do it. That rules out lincoln park. Assuming you can get from the Rosemont blue line stop to your place of work (via bus), anywhere along the blue line (that's been mentioned) would be a good move. I'd also consider the west side of Bucktown and Wicker Park. If you really want to live downtown - River North or West loop would be your best option - and only a quick walk to a metra which could put you in Franklin Park. Depending on your life style - I would actually agree with SJ though - live close to where you work and suck it up to commute downtown when you want to enjoy the city.
  4. oh murv the purve.. ...and you think he managed to do that at least 8 times?
  5. How did you only die 8 times, when your team would have had to lose 16 rounds? If you can post a screenshot of that, I'll gift you an m4 skin
  6. randomly got a karambit stained knife in a case.. turned it into an stat tracker awp boom named bett, a stat tracker m4ah-s dark water, a stat tracker p250 splah, a stat tracker glock and a glacier mesh p90.
  7. If you dont feel like giving it to someone who made their first post on the forums to claim it....... I coud use it for bf4
  8. There's an 86% chance that I invented the gun throw as a fake.
  9. mohawk


    Hotter than the sun
  10. in case you guys didn't know, sj used to live in chicago sorry I couldn't make it.. hopefully catch you guys next time
  11. stuck in schaumburg for atleast another hour - will check in when I get out of here.
  12. Any Friday over the next 4-6 weeks works for me - let's throw a night on the calendar.. I've got early class on Saturdays so I won't be shutting any place down - but first round is on me.
  13. my scheduled is a stutter this winter with classes on Tues/Thurs/Sat, but i'm down. I'm in river north so anywhere downtown'ish works for me.
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