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  1. Donald Rumsfeld got aspartame passed by the FDA because he was the CEO of G. D. Searle who manufactured an artificial sweetener that uses aspartame.
  2. yeah man you should also check out Lain Trzaska who makes incredible music under the alias SHE he still has his old albums available on his website for free shemusic.org but the two newest ones aren't. go download chiptek for sure, great stuff. notable tracks: [utube]TFsVe9WBK1c[/utube][utube]fGImZWgOrzM[/utube] [utube]SzClkMxdsgI[/utube][utube]jRzzFTFxwqE[/utube] [utube]i0lLbbX1ewk[/utube][utube]6TgX1UAf-8M[/utube]
  3. Actually it was the right call. I'm rooting for Netherlands Oranje oranje oranje! Edit: I guess it's too late to get a player pool started as no one will choose a frenchman.. That's too bad.
  4. I have never got around to reading more of his work after I finished Fight Club, but just 2 weeks ago I bought: Choke Invisible Monsters Survivor and Diary I have finished Choke and Survivor in my spare time so far and wow they were amazing! I really recommend picking up some of Chuck's work, you won't be disappointed.
  5. Fresh til death, son. [utube]Pijre1yI0-Q[/utube] Gold Rush [utube]iV_F9WqkN8g[/utube] From Bath With Love [utube]jrf4rkzLW8Y[/utube] Sweet Harmony Remix [utube]OYVS4-UdaUQ[/utube] Paperchase
  6. Tristan


    You owe me new ears.
  7. This book is quite honestly the funniest thing I've ever read in my entire life. He already has a motion picture (NSFW) out across America. This book isn't for everyone, with graphic and disturbing stories on every page, but it's definitely the funniest thing I've read in a long long time. Tucker is a very skilled story teller. I recommend it 1000x over.
  8. I got it yesterday it's pretty dope. We should all co-op together, you get better loot and harder monsters when you co-op!
  9. I'm Canadian.. .. Just throwing that out there.. .. Have a nice day.
  10. ILU SJ good luck! No cheesy ball game scoreboard stuff, alright?
  11. UPDATE: Just crashed it yesterday.. lol took it around the block coming back onto my road and lady pulls off side of the road and into the intersection. Life can rough. Rear right wheel is bent out of alignment. Body damage. It all means im spending some money in the next little bit.
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