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  1. 95% I only said 'no' on question 19. EDIT: Question #7 - previous relationship as it was ending, don't want you guys thinking I'm weird!
  2. OK Barto, how do we set this up so we can imbezzle million$ ?
  3. One thing you might wanna do is turn off the CNN/Fox/MSNBC constant ranting and InvasionWait2002. Try public radio and television for intelligent and non-"O'Reily Factor" shows. The lack of commercialism in news is quite a comparison. National Public Radio
  4. Ok, I'm finally motivated to turn my vSync off.....
  5. Nice work Orbital! I'll add a few tweaks to my config. Thanks!
  6. Didn't I already do this??!?! Who printed it out and hung it next to their monitor?
  7. Howdy! Just checking that my avatar is working....
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