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  1. That RAM would work but I wouldn't recommend it. The higher RAM would work but just run slower. Get the Corsair CAS = 2.5 stuff. You're on a budget and don't really need to spend the extra $70 on 3% better performance. I'll say it again: You don't need expensive RAM unless you are going to overclock, and even then A64's don't need hi-po stuff like P4's unless you are doing extreme overclocking. Don't get the mobile chip. By the time you added the heatsink you were within $10 of a retail desktop A64 with a stock HSF which is a very good one btw. I'd personally not get a "refurb" mobo or PSU, or really anything for that matter. Some goof probably shorted it out and they just put the "returns" into the "refurb" bin. Asking for hassles and I can tell that you don't need any. Get one of the cheapie $70-90 Chaintech A64 mobos, they seem to be popular and good performers.
  2. http://www.meph.eu.org./
  3. I measure progress on the road by how many cars I pass.
  4. But it's outrageously priced, has watercooling, is all about overclocking, and would be somtin' else to cram into the case!
  5. Oh yeah the ARB2 path...... As for min. requirements the Radeon 8500 won't play Farcry, and I mean unplayable on an 8500/2ghz/512mb system, so D3 is no surprise. Upgrades are good. Upgrades are fun. That's why we're here.
  6. Speaking of Kill3r - I found your next video card.
  7. I think for all the money he's spent on all these mods he could just bought the high end chip in the first place.
  8. My philosophy is if you're in the left lane you don't have cruise control on. There is nothing more infuriating than to be in a line of cars passing in the left lane and some vehicle in the right lane moves to the left lane and someone at the head of the left lane takes about 3 miles to pass one or two slow cars. If you're in the left lane at the head of the snake you'd better be leading or passing with your foot on the gas like you mean it. (Within reasonable driving of course.)
  9. Oh wait, was it last Saturday? If so - congrats already!
  10. I think my ceremony a year ago was all of 7-8 minutes but I recall it felt like about 30 seconds. With all the wedding planning stress you'll actually feel much more relaxed about 10 seconds after you're married - as in it's done and no more worries. If someone spills a drink there are about a dozen other people that can go worry about it, you won't need to sweat the details anymore!
  11. I hope so Bullet, but I'm not holding my breath.
  12. Well, the XPS with an X800 XT, 1gb RAM, and 17" "ultrasharp" flat screen is about $2700. Doing a quick price out a similar system could be built for $1800-2000. huhuh? if you want a spec with links if you want to build it yourself let me know and I'll write it up.
  13. Get a replacement fan before it goes out and your video card overheats and burns out.
  14. Anandtech Hot Deals [H]ot Deals AMDmb/PCPer Hot Deals http://www.techbargains.com/ Some site like this one out there: http://www.bensbargains.net/
  15. You need to find a codependent girlfriend.
  16. 5 months in the slammer 2 years probation including 5 months house arrest $30,000 fine I hear orange jumpsuits are all the fashion rage.
  17. a:\bootdisk run="FDISK" command="Delete Primary DOS partition" REBOOT That should work.
  18. So, this is an X800 Pro that is known to be moddable to X800 XT PE? By brand new is this in box unopened, or is it a testing sample or other?
  19. Some of us are married, and have our priorities.
  20. www.thottbott.com It searches for relevant info on games you specify. Create an account and then go to "Configure".
  21. My only qualification being that I'm a card-carrying member of the ACLU - I'd say that if you had a pound of pot, Jimmy Hoffa's pinky ring, and a MAC-10 under the seat - but they didn't read you your Miranda rights then you should walk. There's a reason we have laws and that they should be followed, if they didn't then the cop is at fault.
  22. Yeah, if that's not a typo - "9000" - a 9800 Pro would be a decent upgrade and would scale higher if/when you upgrade the rest.
  23. M6809 is closeout now, I don't think you can get a M6807 anymore. They want to keep the price between $1100-1500 and just up the CPU as the price falls and discontinue the old one. 1337 h4x0r that I am, I give you: M6809 M6807 M6805
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