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  1. I don't think this one was fake. It showed the reactor and the abandoned equipment with the lady in some of the pics.
  2. ________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________ ^ That is the line I'm drawing, no more lies accusations, just info.
  3. The bandwidth is probably maxed out. A friend I showed that to told me the other day it was on the Lycos Top 50 recently.
  4. I just read 2 days ago that Gabe had said something to the effect, "We're in good shape, we're looking at giving it to Vivendi in August."
  5. The M6809 is really considered a desktop replacement. The PC2700 is fine, not sure on the battery. Here's some links to read up before you buy: Anandtech forums Pyrogamer CNET HardForums Again, this says it all for me though. I'm considering one of these for my wife. An HP desktop, my mother told me not to say anything if I didn't have anything nice to say.
  6. Amazing Mini, so was I!
  7. WT, are you looking for a 2nd stick of 256 for a total of 512? I personally suggest 1gb to eliminate accessing the swap file as much as possible. This is very noticeable in games like BF1942 series. If you get PC3200 even if your current system only requires PC2100 or PC2700 you'll be ingood shape to upgrade your mobo/CPU for relatively little cost. Athlon64 systems (the presumable upgrade option down the road) don't really need better than CAS=2.5 RAM. Two sticks of 512mb CAS=2.5 Corsair PC3200 Value Select for $82 each would be very nice at moderate cost. That's the "new" option.
  8. Review of the slower M6805 (A64 3000+) Some tidbits: Someone in another forum posted that they replaced the 4200rpm drive in an M6809 with a Hitachi 7K60 (60GB, 7200RPM) and the response time is better, transefers "better, but not mind blowing". Performance of an M6809. (pic) More options More It looks like the ATi Mobility 9700 is tops with the 9600 a close 2nd. Video performance is a critical factor here.
  9. I'm curious to heat Bullet, the DI-524 you're getting is 54mbps capable, the DI-624 can do 108mbps with the speed boosting hoopla. I'd be happy to get something that works reliably at 54mbps and if it worked at 108 all the better.
  10. In a month Jennifer and I will be married a year, it's been sooper easy.
  11. Ok wireless guys, are you gaming over wireless or is your gaming rig wired to the router? My wife and I are thinking of switching the office and bedroom for each other and I'd have to go 100% wireless with both our PC's to make this work. Is it worth it? Should I consider the (somewhat finickey sounding) Speedbooster/AirXtreme/enhanced 108mbps type products?
  12. Linux woman: Close to what you want, but you just can't figure her out?
  13. This guy needs a girlfriend. Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  14. Here ya go, the "GC lame Pride at Tequilla Panchos" group pic:
  15. I was looking up some info on a site for a project I'm working on and thought some of you might want to see Bill Gate's house. I drive over the bridge and sometimes glance over at the roof sticking out of the trees. King County (where Seattle is) has a program called iMAP they use and you can browse around the county with it. iMAP Look for the "To Start iMAP click here" in the middle right, broadband required BTW. To find his house, look here: Look for the RED DOT that the red arrow points to. Use the zoom functions to zoom in enough, and then on the right side you can turn on/off map layers including aerial photos. You're looking for the large parcel (5.15 acres) on the east side of Lake Washington about 1/2 mile south of the SR-520 bridge. It's tax lot # 9208900079 and the neighborhood is called Medina, aka red tape from hell. The server for this is a little slow, but there's a fair amount of information. You can hit the gray "Property Search" button on the left too and put in the tax lot # and find out what Bill's assesed value is. Here are some other links: http://www.goehner.com/gates.htm http://www.usnews.com/usnews/tech/billgate/gates.htm http://www.itmweb.com/f101601.htm
  16. I just hope Newegg isn't jumping on the rebate bandwagon. It's a pain in the a$$ to do them for BB and Fry's. (If you buy 5 things at Fry's you'll be filling out 8 rebate forms.)
  17. I know you know and that I know Killer, but I was considering the audience.
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