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    Left 4 Dead 2
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    Kids, Grand Kids and ahhh my kids :)
  1. Mav

    Are you coming?

    Mav is going and will pay for anyone who wants to go. So email me at joe.Thompson@npiav.com and make sure you show up or I will hunt you down.
  2. Mav

    FFO 2014 After Thoughts

    Server hmmmm, I did not know there was another community server beside ours. I must be stuck in a rut, that's ok I like ruts and I will stay with the GC Server. By the way, I have been playing this game for a long time with allot of old timers, Fatty and me beta tested along with a select few other. We may be getting slower, we may not have the kill ratio anymore but we were both on top at one time. We know how to game and we know how to have fun the clean way. I hope everyone looks at FFO next year. We are going to give away a huge monitor and also a great wired or wireless headset. Fatty had three kids there and I had three. This Is what is meant by passing on the torch to the younger generation. Tot he attendees, Mother thank you for all the hard work, Tomatoes thanks for the organization skills, Fatty thanks for the laughs, Renegade thanks for showing not how to take of headsets GL thanks for playing with us old guys and helping the new ones. To my kids it is great sharing FFO with you and I hope you all go for years to come. I am waiting for my next 4 days of fun with friends and family.
  3. Fatty I feel your pain. I am just glad my kids respect themselves and other. I hope they continue the ground work we have laid.
  4. Mav

    FFO paid and confirmed list

    Cool Dog, Killer J & me are coming
  5. Did you not get my payment for 4 people yet?
  6. Mav

    Network switch needed

    I got (2) 24 Ports
  7. Mav

    BANNED! me?! c'mon...

    Long whats up man well me ([DOH]Mav) and bat still get together online and play CIV4 and a few others, Mustard is back on but he is just went threw the BIG D with the wife, sad. SlyI don't see much unless it is at fragfest which he will be there again this year. I is nice to see you on here, I don't post much but I do read now and then. Hope all is well and good luck with the wifey gamer addiction trials
  8. Guys, I would love to be there. I have to work , I hope the next one I can If I can get it done Mav & Mav_Son might show up I will pay either way
  9. Mav

    FF07 DATE SET!

    Well, other places hmmm. Ahhh like NO you are a mile from my house and next year I am thinking of walking to lose the PIZZA wait so no miving things LOL
  10. 14,000 Miles garaged winters serviced and detailed every year a few minor door dents from idiots FATTY has driven the vehicle email MAV with offers Wife wants a porche boxster now
  11. Yes My son and I would go
  12. Mav

    ** Brand New GC Server!!! Seattle - Stock **

    Sounds great I am there
  13. Mav

    ** Brand New GC Server!!! Seattle - Stock **

    I lag a little to much there right now. But I am getting a new system so I hope to be there more.
  14. Mav

    Who plays BF2?

    Whats the best res to play the game at
  15. Mav


    I was not impressed with this movie one bit sorry