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  1. Yeah, I wish I payed more attention to COL around here before moving from Cleveland. I live in the Ashburn area, and work in Sterling. Apartment prices here are insane.
  2. He doesnt look like he is making that voice, its probably the webcam lag or something, funny as heck!
  3. monthos

    TV Opinions

    I have never had issues with any of my Samsung displays, TV or PC Monitor. Great quality, durability for an ok price. I couldnt be happier.
  4. we are in game, come join us!
  5. The GPS unit got unplugged as I did some maintenance right before the flight, and I did not notice until up in the air. It works though as long as I do a proper pre-flight check!
  6. Thanks, I need to somehow clean up the horizonal lines which may be from interference from the ESC behind the motor. I will need to get some ferrite rings and wind the video wiring around it to see if that helps clear it up. Other than that its pretty much done unless I decide to get an anetenna tracking system, then there is some more work to do.. unfortunately the one I want is out of stock at the moment.
  7. Just an update, did two short flights this weekend. Got some issues to work out but its progressing nicely. Let me know what you guys think! http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rTK0a4z0iAE http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zZcHJ9-zJls
  8. Is there any way on the live section, to get a listing of all gc members currently online with live? *edit, nevermind I found where to list players, not sure if nobody is online or just if I am dense.
  9. Well, got a short flight in, I wanted to take it easy and slow, but was having a little difficulty with the wind and the fact the plane is a little heavier now. I landed in the middle to tweak some tx settings and then went back up in the air. I did not pay much attention to antenna placement for my video link, which is why it gets bad at spots. Also I crash, enjoy! http://vimeo.com/10640870
  10. heh, I think arguing the Term "PC" to include mac is silly, regardless if its a "personal computer(most are nowadays). Especially since the apple commercials use the acronym to single out windows computers entirely. But to answer the question, it would depend on the job and the qualification the applicants had and not looks, at least to a degree. If I didn't then I would not be able to justify my boss hiring me with my hippy hair and unkempt facial hair..
  11. Wow, in a way with the heat lamp one, the eye melting down made it look like the chocolate bunny was staring at it, before his face fully melted away. sort of creepy. *edited due to my crappy spelling
  12. Says the guy who had to wait for years in the same boat as us lol.
  13. KLR is strong on my list of next bikes! Currently I ride a DR650 with mikuni pumper carb and opened airbox. I enjoy it alot but the DR's seat leaves much to be desired. I hear the KLR is much better in that regard. The DR I keep around here is more suited for commute and gravel roads/highway, but needs a bigger tank desperatly.. I have another DR650 I left in Ohio with the same crappy seat but with modified suspension and D606 tires and an IMS 4.9gallon(i think) tank. Its a hoot for short highway bursts to non highly technical offroad trails. If I had a bigger garage I would have them both here in Virginia, as well as a KLR I think. Let me know if you get the KLR and your opinion on it, it may replace my light duty DR and that would leave me funds to get a DRZ400SM as well
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